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(This is a subpage of Feature list, you can go back to see other features planned.)

  • Editor:
    • UTF-8
    • MathJax (mentioned earlier)
    • ability to check links inline during writing the submission. To see how it works just try writing email in gmail. Everytime when you add a link, there's an option right below it to "check link"
  • Encouraging submitting good articles:
    • Everytime when a story gets accepted, the submitter gets a small cryptocoin reward (as we know - very easy to automate this). Since we are very poor (at least at start) we will not pay a fixed amount, but a small percentage of all cryptocoins owned by altslashdot.
    • If a story gets accepted but is hugely downvoted later (think Roland Piquepaille), the submitter must give back his reward to be able to submit a new story. In fact even better if he had to give back a tiny fraction more cryptocoin than he received.
  • Is there a path to remove a bad editor ? <=== I'm not very fond of emacs