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  • ...k non-perl devs, there is plenty of stuff that you can do without touching the code too much. ...coding strengths are. Also you can hop onto [[SoylentNews:IRC]] and join the #dev channel. Come by and express your interest to paulej72, audioguy, or
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  • ...entNews:IRC|IRC Page]] has information about getting started with IRC, and the [[IRCVision|IRC vision]] is worth checking out. Former members of the IRC team that have lost their roles due to inactivity or retirement
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  • ...f system administration and management of our clusters, as well as some of the more archine bits of setup required to make it work. | The Mighty Buzzard
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  • ...on. It is currently live but it's possible it may cease to be that way. In the event that it doesn't though, I want it documented so people can actually s Code is arranged with methods (m=foo) being the highest order of operation, each able to perform several ops (m=foo&op=bar,
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