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This wiki serves many purposes including documentation, useful links, and team contacts. Suggestions have been made that would greatly expand the scope of the wiki. If you'd like to become officially involved or have any questions contact Also, if you are on IRC you can look for FunPika (who leads this team) or mrcoolbp.


  • Upload existing externally hosted images onto the wiki.
  • Install more anti-spam extensions if needed
  • When MediaWiki 1.23.0 is released (likely late April), remove the $wgPhpCli = false; line from LocalSettings.php, since it should no longer be necessary. mediawikiwiki:Manual:Job queue


  • The wiki is hosted on the service linode
  • MySQL password is in the wiki's LocalSettings.php file.
  • Documentation for the recent changes IRC bot is at WikiRC.


  • At the moment we are mainly just dealing with spam, vandalism, etc. that shows up on the wiki.


  • Familiarity with how MediaWiki works (manual is here).


See also Special:Version for automatically generated information about what software the wiki is running.

  • MediaWiki 1.22.4
  • Apache 2.x (whatever CentOS is providing I assume)
  • PHP 5.3.3 (MediaWiki recommends at least 5.3.5 because of CVE-2010-4645, although that is probably patched in CentOS's version)
  • MySQL 5.1.73
  • ImageMagick for image thumbnailing
  • Git for updating
  • Extensions listed on Special:Version