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In the interest of getting questions to the right people on IRC and general organization, this is a summary of who is involved in SoylentNews. Please add yourself (or others) if you are actively working on the project. Also you can skip to the Overlord Contacts.

See also: [[1]]

The Man Behind The Curtain

  • Barrabas


  • mattie_p - Overlord/General Manager
  • mrcoolbp


  • NCommander
  • robinld
  • zford
  • mechanicjay


  • MrBluze - Overlord
  • shogun - HTML
  • moo_kuh - Testing
  • PrestonL - CSS / Bug Testing
  • mtrycz - User Interface
  • CynicGalahad - Website Design
  • FrogBlast - Art


Frontend: CSS\HTML issues that pertain to look and feel

  • paulej72 - (working on mods to comments.css)
  • AudioGuy - documentation of system and cleanup of css to get things into a ste that new templates and Themes can be made
  • martyb


  • Dopefish - Overlord

Editors include:

  • LaminatorX
  • mattie_p
  • janrinok
  • girlwhowaspluggedout


  • Cactus
  • mrcoolbp (talk) 13:17, 26 February 2014 (MST) - only rewriting about.shtml, moderation.shtml, FAQ.shtml <- the FAQ is in to be done: what should this look like??


  • applesmasher - Overlord
  • Dopefish
  • LaminatorX
  • mattie_p - I'm just an active user and in the Editor Group. I'm nobody official on the forums, though.


  • FunPika - Overlord
  • Cactus
  • sfm
  • cosurgi
  • mrcoolbp (talk) 13:16, 26 February 2014 (MST) - working on re-organization and clean up


  • Landon - Overlord
  • Xlefay - Technical lead
  • MrBluze


  • paulej72 - currently scraping SoylentNews comments for bug reports and posting them to the bug tracker
  • martyb - QA and testing


We're have overlords that manage various features. An overlord is responsible for granting access - it's intended to be a no work position, so that it can be held for long periods without requiring much time.

So for example, Applesmasher is the overlord of forums. He grants access to people and recovers access when people leave, but he doesn't have to do any work himself (although he can if he wants). He ensures that the people with access are reliable.

If you need a forum for your group, ask the overlord of forums. If you want a set of wiki pages, ask the overlord of the wiki, and so on.

The current overlords originally agreed to hold the position until Mar 1, that date has already passed. Going forward we can choose overlords via some formal process. (And the current overlords might ask to continue.)

The current overlords can be contacted here:

There will be more to come. This is temporary to get us going - the community can change the structure later, but for now things seem to naturally separate into these areas of interest.