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In the interest of getting questions to the right people on via email or IRC, this is a summary of who is involved in SoylentNews. If you'd like to work with a team directly, try the TeamPages. Please add yourself here if you are actively working on the project.

Team Contacts

Teams are guided by leaders that may occasionally change. Teams can always be contacted directly at the following addresses:

The Man Behind The Curtain

  • NCommander - Site-wide responsibility


  • mattie_p - General Manager/Head Team Leader/Lead Cat herder
  • mrcoolbp - CommunitySupport


Dev Team Main Page

  • paulej72 - Team Leader (EST/EDT current TZ-4) Working on template and css issues on the site, main bug herder.
  • NCommander
  • robinld
  • mechanicjay - postmaster, ancillary services, server configs.
  • FatPhil (TZ+2)
  • AudioGuy - documentation of system and cleanup of css to get things into a ste that new templates and Themes can be made
  • martyb - (EST/EDT) secondary bug herder, Database (in training)
  • stderr

Style/User Experience

User Experience Team Main Page

  • MrBluze - Team Leader
  • audioguy
  • FrogBlast - Art Team
  • shogun - HTML
  • moo_kuh - Testing
  • PrestonL - CSS / Bug Testing
  • mtrycz - User Interface
  • CynicGalahad - Website Design


Editors Team Main Page

  • LaminatorX - Team Leader

Editors include:

  • Dopefish
  • mattie_p
  • janrinok
  • girlwhowaspluggedout


  • Cactus


  • applesmasher - Leader
  • Dopefish
  • LaminatorX
  • mattie_p - I'm just an active user and in the Editor Group. I'm nobody official on the forums, though.


Wiki Team Main Page

  • FunPika - Leader (UTC-4:00)
  • mrcoolbp - admin (EST/EDT)
  • Cactus
  • sfm
  • cosurgi


IRC Team Main Page

  • Landon - Leader
  • Xlefay - Technical lead
  • MrBluze
  • Kobach

see also: the now out-of-date Staff list.