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hi mrcoolbp. if you're keen to muck around with irc bots, i can help set you up with an exec bot, or if you want you can make an irc script without any need to code any irc-related stuff. chromas did this with the exec mackey php script [[1]]. the translate script is pretty simple [[2]]. it's pretty basic but like arti mentioned it lends itself to tinkering due to process separation. info here: [[3]] source here: [[4]] also, whilst the irc bot itself is php, scripts can be in any langage you can run from the cli (including compiled binaries) anyways, drop me a line if you want. chromas is also into php and pascal bot development. xlefay is also a php guy though he's keen to develop a bot using python. i think he's pretty keen to get some collaboration going too. cheers. ~ crutchy 23:29, 18 July 2014 (UTC)

hi mrcoolbp. re: "Get email and IRC "!suggestions" piped directly to wiki)" from the CommunitySupport page, the IRC component is possible already. The source code is available here: Manual usage is pretty simple:

~wiki login
~wiki title[|section] (gets [section] content)
~wiki edit title|section|text
~wiki edit title|section| (deletes section)
~wiki logout

These are just aliases for commands executed by the exec bot, and at the moment are only recognised for authorized nickserv accounts (I can add yours if you wanna have a play around with it). The feeds script (source here: gives examples of how to make use of the wiki functionality from within scripts (with internally handled messages by the bot that don't appear on IRC). Access control is pretty simple. Can limit to a list of nickserv accounts and channels. It currently uses the exec wiki user account, which is set as a bot (so changes don't appear in wiki recent changes list by default) and the bot flag is required for use of the mediawiki api used by exec. Anyway, all my github source is gpl so feel free to pilfer (if any of it is useful). IRC automation is probably the one area that I enjoy and seem to be able to do fairly easily, so if there are any other IRC automation tasks on anyone's todo lists that don't already have someone allocated to them, I'm happy to give it a shot. Anyway, sorry for filling up your talk page. Have a great day. ~ crutchy 22:11, 22 July 2014 (UTC)