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hi mrcoolbp. if you're keen to muck around with irc bots, i can help set you up with an exec bot, or if you want you can make an irc script without any need to code any irc-related stuff. chromas did this with the exec mackey php script [[1]]. the translate script is pretty simple [[2]]. it's pretty basic but like arti mentioned it lends itself to tinkering due to process separation. info here: [[3]] source here: [[4]] also, whilst the irc bot itself is php, scripts can be in any langage you can run from the cli (including compiled binaries) anyways, drop me a line if you want. chromas is also into php and pascal bot development. xlefay is also a php guy though he's keen to develop a bot using python. i think he's pretty keen to get some collaboration going too. cheers. ~ crutchy 23:29, 18 July 2014 (UTC)