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The User Experience team devlopes art, CSS, and other UI elements and is connected with the Dev team. Take a look around here, if you'd like to help, contact or MrBluze on IRC.

There's a lot of documentation on CSS work being done and you can find some notes on future UI Design here.

Who we are

User Experience Team Main Page




MrBluze Team Leader UTC+10 (AEST)
audioguy  ? UTC-8 (PST)
FrogBlast Art Team  ?
shogun HTML  ?
moo_kuh Testing  ?
PrestonL CSS / Bug Testing  ?
mtrycz User Interface  ?
CynicGalahad Website Design  ?


  • Define single column layout requirements - nearly done.
  • Work with FrogBlast to get the full icon set done - in progress.
  • Review/upgrade logo/banner art (with FrogBlast) - in progress.
  • Typographic and typesetting guidelines (with LaminatorX) - awaiting feature request, then work with CSS ppl on a specification
  • Weekly comic