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The User Experience team devlopes art, CSS, and other UI elements and is connected with the Dev team. Take a look around here, if you'd like to help, contact or MrBluze on IRC.

There's a lot of documentation on CSS work being done and you can find some notes on future UI Design here.

Who we are

User Experience Team Main Page




MrBluze Team Leader  ?
audioguy  ? UTC-8 (PST)
FrogBlast Art Team  ?
shogun - HTML  ?  ?
moo_kuh - Testing  ?  ?
PrestonL CSS / Bug Testing  ?
mtrycz User Interface  ?
CynicGalahad Website Design  ?


  • Define single column layout requirements - nearly done.
  • Work with FrogBlast to get the full icon set done - in progress.
  • Review/upgrade logo/banner art (with FrogBlast) - in progress.
  • Typographic and typesetting guidelines (with LaminatorX) - awaiting feature request, then work with CSS ppl on a specification
  • Weekly comic