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PHP/SQL/HTML/CSS and Delphi (Object Pascal) are my preferred languages.
I'm pedantic about code etiquette (indents, spaces, etc).

New to Perl but interested in learning. I have a basic perl virtual host set up on my dev machine.

Look out for me on #Soylent IRC.

Watch pages:
CSS Work

Code style

Perl programming style guide:

We should maybe make a wiki page for coding style and develop it so that all our code is readable and consistent regardless of author. Also looking for one for other languages used for Soylent: CSS, HTML, JS, SQL


IHMO there are way too many folders nested in the slashcode source tree. There may be good reasons but I generally prefer a flat filesystem (as much as possible anyway) for code accessibility. Also helps to reduce likelihood of duplicate filenames. What do other devs think of prefixing function names with source filename? For example, main() function in becomes article__main() Not suggesting that it all be changed to suit this convention right away, but might be handy for new functions to make it easier to figure out where things are declared.