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Undefined Group

  • Develop process for volunteer-> staff (get email/ on mailiing list etc)
  • Develop task-list of ongoing duties from each "group"
  • Solicit volunteers on specific tasks as indicated below
  • Create and link in various places
  • Develop system for recruiting/organizing volunteers (currently just mrcoolbp *attempting* to collect and send in the right direction)
  • SN Story Submission: Volunteers Needed (after determining which skills we need most)
  • Coordinate tasks with new volunteers
  • IRC log links need updating in various places
  • revisit the legal (copyright?) implications of cross-posting (reposting stories posted elsewhere)
  • Summarize staff meeting (or not ???)
  • Formulate Plan/vision/bylaws
  • Get ALL staff emails and migrate mailing list to new addresses (this should be optional, not automatic) (mechanicjay can help add people)
  • New Name contest (final one, we hope)
  • Regular status updates with key leaders
  • Organize staff, don't do everything yourself, delegate to appropriate people
  • Fire people when it isn't working out sooner rather than later (this should go in ongoing duties task-list)


  • Ensure staff have privileges in all platforms we use
  • Implement Fire-hose of some kind
  • Single sign on to all services (register once, central administration)
  • Add markdown support?
  • Make it easy for people to submit bugs (need to re-link from various places) (bugs@ email?)
  • “you should update your organization template” ← I think there is a pull request that fixes this (and fixes “about” page)
  • Implement system for keeping old UIDs?
  • Make sure the SSL login page POSTs to an SSL page! The cookie needs HTTPS headers set (this should be a bug?)(collected via Suggestions)


  • Determine better communication Forum (or keep mailing list) (suggestions: redmine, slash), get concensus, cut the dead weight
  • Change wording on wiki to specifically solicit volunteers
  • Consolidated ways to post suggestions (single repository, easy to add to, possibly via multiple means that all end up in one spot)(will be wiki, mrcoolbp collecting currently via email and !suggestions irc)
  • Refine Suggestions system (develop process to select good items, pose for vote, then implement)
  • incorporate !suggestions for any user (post directly to wiki)
  • Contact CmdrTaco via twitter?


  • Press release (at some point)
  • Develop editorial process, informed by Poll results
  • Documentation pages (FAQ, "Authors" page)


  • pick incorporation model, then do it
  • Swag? (sync with art)
  • Marketing - Do we do it? how do we do it?
  • Ads?
  • Donations? (these all Depend on incorporation model)
  • social media, do we want to pursue it? who? How?


  • change "Read More" to button.
  • Kill D2
  • fix all buttons to have proper case
  • bug 48 fix log in screen ul list
  • fix bug #68 some links are worn color in comment details trace JS loads to fix JS re-size of certain elements on mobile devices.
  • style blockquote and see what is up with quote
  • add hyperlink to article story title to story page per bug 106
  • style input boxes to have better border contrast per bug 107
  • add night mode skin per 112
  • make sure site displays “Log In” and “Log Out” per bug 116
  • fix journal template to fix broken link title tex per bug 118
  • fix preference pages per many bugs
  • fix relationships ui as per bug 37
  • migrate bugs to GitHub (curretnly in progress)