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This is a todo list of items that currently don't fall under any Teams or Strike-teams. Visit the Team Pages for Team-related information.

Staff Organization

  • Formulate Plan
    • Vision
    • Bylaws
    • TOS and Privacy Policy
    • Incorporate
    • Setup Not-For-Profit

  • Regular status updates with key leaders
  • Get LDAP setup (almost done)
  • password sharing, multi-factor protection


  • Community Discussion:
    • story submissions on main site
    • (try a Demo) (drag and drop "pros" and "cons" into your "opinion")
      • (not sure what codebase yet, but they are looking for organizations to pilot with)

  • Community Polling:
    • devotee (stderr was looking into this)
    • survey monkey (3rd party)
    • slaschcode pollbooth rework (stderr was looking into tying slash with devotee)

  • Clarify lameness filter paramaters (This has been partially fixed with upcoming slash updates that are in the testing phases. Lamness filter will be able to show its error codes)

  • New (final) Name Vote (mrcoolbp, audioguy, MrBluze)
    • New Names Shortlist (will be revised)
      • soylentnews
      • ( was suggested as it can be "BNN")


  • Choose incorporation model
    • Carry out necessary tasks to achieve chosen incorporation model status
  • Solicit legal advice:
    • Requirements for keeping logs of user activity
    • How to respond to DMCA takedown requests
    • Identify the legal (copyright?) implications of cross-posting (reposting stories posted elsewhere)
  • Incorporation Model-dependent items:
    • Swag? (sync with art)
    • Marketing - Do we do it? how do we do it?
    • Ads?
    • Donations?
  • social media, do we want to pursue it? who? How?