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Most of this list has been migrated to separate Team Pages. The remaining items haven't been assigned to a particular group yet, or require the formation of strikeforces to tackle.

Staff Organization

  • Formulate Plan
    • Vision
    • Bylaws
    • Develop task-list of ongoing duties from each "group" <-underway
  • Regular status updates with key leaders
  • Organize staff, delegate tasks to appropriate people
  • Fire people when it isn't working out sooner rather than later (this should go in ongoing duties task-list once created)


  • Determine Communication Forum
    • Keep mailing list
    • redmine (this would require some ruby on rails help devs)
    • Use slashcode (slashcott) (would require tweaks but we could test new code while communicating, moderating best ideas etc.)
      • Aquire concensus
      • Cut the dead weight (nuke forums from orbit after data migration to wiki)
  • Clarify our stance on vulgarity in comments (ALL CAPS is preventing posting in some cases (filter) swears seem to work)
  • IRC log links need to be put/updated in various places (?)
  • New Name contest (final one, we hope)
  • Summarize staff meeting(s) (or not?)(move to Editors section?)


  • Choose incorporation model
    • Carry out necessary tasks to achieve chosen incorporation model status
  • Solicit legal advice:
    • Requirements for keeping logs of user activity
    • How to respond to DMCA takedown requests
    • Identify the legal (copyright?) implications of cross-posting (reposting stories posted elsewhere)
  • Incorporation Model-dependent items:
    • Swag? (sync with art)
    • Marketing - Do we do it? how do we do it?
    • Ads?
    • Donations?
  • social media, do we want to pursue it? who? How?