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This List is being migrated to separate [[Staff_Pages|Staff Pages]]
This List is being migrated to separate [[Team_Pages|Team Pages]]
==Staff Organization==
==Staff Organization==

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This List is being migrated to separate Team Pages

Staff Organization

  • Formulate Plan
    • Vision
    • Bylaws
    • Develop task-list of ongoing duties from each "group"
  • Staff
    • Get "true" @SN.org staff emails (not forwards) to all staff that want them
    • Migrate mailing list address to new @SN.org addresses
  • Volunteers
    • Outline difference between volunteer VS staff
    • Develop process for becoming staff (get @SN.org email, get on mailing list, privileges etc)
    • Create volunteer@soylentnews.org address and link in Main Soylent pages, IRC, Wiki (workaround is admin+volunteer@soylentnews.org)
    • Develop system for recruiting/organizing volunteers
    • SN Story Submission: Volunteers Needed (after determining which skills we need most i.e. perl, editors)
  • Regular status updates with key leaders
  • Organize staff, delegate tasks to appropriate people
  • Fire people when it isn't working out sooner rather than later (this should go in ongoing duties task-list once created)


Tackle Immediately:

  • Ensure staff have privileges in all platforms we use
  • Implement a keymaster system (where passwords are controlled by multiple parties)
  • Single sign on to all services (register once, central administration)
  • self-hosted DNS?

Nice To have:

  • Implement Fire-hose of some kind
  • Make sure the SSL login page points to an SSL page, the cookie needs HTTPS headers set (this should be a bug?)(collected via Suggestions)
  • Add markdown support, example: http://dillinger.io/ (this is also in the Suggestions que, could be removed from this list for now as is non-essential IMO mrcoolbp (talk) 22:54, 7 March 2014 (UTC))
  • Make it easy for people to submit bugs (bugs@ email? also a suggestion for doing it via slash)
  • need to update bug links (now on github) from various places (done?)
  • System for keeping old UIDs (may be impossible without changing everyone's UIDs, move to scrap idea THEN remove info in FAQ and Migration of users page mrcoolbp (talk) 22:54, 7 March 2014 (UTC))


  • Determine Communication Forum
    • Keep mailing list
    • redmine (this would require some ruby on rails help devs)
    • Use slashcode (would require tweaks but we could test new code while communicating, moderating best ideas etc.)
      • Aquire concensus
      • Cut the dead weight (i.e. forums)
  • Refine Suggestions system
    • Develop process to select good items, hold vote, then implement
    • Automate *ways to post* suggestions that all end up in same place (suggestions@ email and !suggestions irc are forwarded to an email and are manually added)
      • This could all be done with slash
  • Clarify our stance on vulgarity in comments (ALL CAPS is preventing posting in some cases (filter) swears seem to work)
  • Contact CmdrTaco via twitter?
  • IRC log links need updating in various places <-
  • New Name contest (final one, we hope)
  • Summarize staff meeting(s) (or not?)(move to Editors section?)


  • Create and Submit a press release
  • Develop editorial process, informed by Poll results
    • Publish public editorial guidelines document
  • Documentation pages (FAQ, "Authors" page) <- LaminatorX is working on FAQ


  • Choose incorporation model
    • Carry out necessary tasks to achieve chosen incorporation model status
  • Solicit legal advice:
    • Requirements for keeping logs of user activity
    • How to respond to DMCA takedown requests
    • Identify the legal (copyright?) implications of cross-posting (reposting stories posted elsewhere)
  • Incorporation Model-dependent items:
    • Swag? (sync with art)
    • Marketing - Do we do it? how do we do it?
    • Ads?
    • Donations?
  • social media, do we want to pursue it? who? How?


  • change "Read More" to button.
  • Kill D2
  • fix all buttons to have proper case
  • bug 48 fix log in screen ul list
  • fix bug #68 some links are worn color in comment details trace JS loads to fix JS re-size of certain elements on mobile devices.
  • style blockquote and see what is up with quote
  • add hyperlink to article story title to story page per bug 106
  • style input boxes to have better border contrast per bug 107
  • add night mode skin per 112
  • make sure site displays “Log In” and “Log Out” per bug 116
  • fix journal template to fix broken link title tex per bug 118
  • fix preference pages per many bugs
  • fix relationships ui as per bug 37
  • Nuke Force Forge from orbit


  • Migrate anything useful from forums to wiki (in progress).
  • Nuke forums from orbit.
  • Install Renameuser extension so a rename requested by Stderr dk to "Stderr" can be completed.
  • Enable uploads on the wiki so we don't have to rely on external links to Imgur, Photobucket, etc.
  • Install SyntaxHighlight GeSHi extension that can syntax highlight any code that gets posted to the wiki in areas such as CssWork.
  • Use $wgRCFeeds (and an IRC bot that can post UDP feeds) for the recent changes feed in #wiki instead of Atom.
  • Update MediaWiki from 1.22.2 to 1.22.3.


  • Allow users to add suggestions anonymously (via IRC !suggestion command)

Style / MrBluze

  • Define single column layout requirements - nearly done.
  • Work with FrogBlast to get the full icon set done - in progress. <--suggest moving to Open Projects mrcoolbp (talk) 02:52, 10 March 2014 (UTC)
  • Review/upgrade logo/banner art (with FrogBlast) - in progress. <--suggest moving to Open Projects mrcoolbp (talk) 02:52, 10 March 2014 (UTC)
  • Typographic and typesetting guidelines (with LaminatorX) - awaiting feature request, then work with CSS ppl on a specification
  • Weekly comic