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Re: If there is a tie, does the Chair have a vote to break the tie?

it is probably commonplace in the corporate world for the chair to break a tie, but i would recommend not; it may lead to issues down the track, and if there is no agreement then the item probably needs to be fleshed out some more till there is clear majority, or tabled for later till more information can be sourced and details can be worked out. if a vote is called and results in a tiebreaker, it was probably too early to call that vote (but this is not always obvious till the vote is taken and objections are raised). imho motions should not be forced by a tiebreaker, which may or may not yield the right decision (the chair may not have all the info either). maybe if there is a problematic vote at board level it could be brought to the community for input. ~ crutchy 13:30, 5 October 2014 (UTC)

Meeting assistant

crutchy is currently working on a little proof-of-concept script to automate preparation and posting of minutes to the wiki.
More info: IRC:exec#Meeting_assistant
Source code:

Procedures if board member requires leave of absence

What is the process if a board member needs to leave a meeting part way through and quorum is no longer maintained?

  • possibly due to personal/family emergency/issue
  • short term (where member is expected to return in a few minutes)
  • longer term (no longer able to attend the currrent meeting)
  • long term (no longer able to perform board duties over an extended period)
  • what about if chair requires leave?

~ crutchy 21:36, 5 October 2014 (UTC)