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Prospectacle: Might I suggest you outline what you've added/corrected/changed etc. to the story? Maybe under a new heading at the bottom such as "Changes," "Improvements," or "Reasons for Revisiting" (or something). Also note: this idea is but a growing seed in our minds (we have not developed a new topic for this idea yet). That doesn't necessarily prevent us from reposting on the main site, but it would require a disclaimer of some kind if we did.

MrCoolBP: Good idea. At the bottom of this discussion page, or of the article itself?

So far I've only put the original article (very slightly modified) and a few relevant links. I'm hoping to see if articles can mature over time after being put on the wiki.

This doesn't preclude a resubmission to the main site later; although my idea was more for the wiki itself: Slashcode articles tend to be active for only a day or two, then activity tapers off heavily, whereas wiki articles are the opposite. They can get more active over time. The wiki could become a source of in-depth, long term history about an issue or event, after the initial discussion/debate has worn off.

If you think this will only pollute the wiki, or is not inline with its purpose, please let me know, and I won't pursue it.