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A list of all services on li649-22 machines.

Any services that is prepended with an exclamation mark is not yet being monitored by our Icinga instance.

If a service is missing from a node, please edit the node's page directly, this page only transcludes sections from the node pages.


  • Apache 2.4 for system services.
  • Apache 2.2/httpd, port 2600 for Staff Slash.
  • kdc, slave to Helium
  • Hesiod, slave to Helium
  • Hidden Services for Tor
  • OpenSSH
  • ntpd





  • MySQL NDB cluster node for soylnetnews and soylentdev dbs, sister node is Neon
  • Hesiod Master - slave is Boron
  • Bind9/named, Master for li694-22 - slave is Boron
  • OpenSSH
  • ntpd