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This is a comphensive index dealing with aspects of system administration and management of our clusters, as well as some of the more archine bits of setup required to make it work.

Who we are

Sysop Team Main Page




paulej72 Co-leader UTC-4 (EDT)
mechanicjay Co-leader UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
NCommander Member UTC-9 (AKDT)
Audioguy Member UTC-7 (PST/PDT)

Index of Development Pages and Resources


List of servers on linode: Category:SystemAdministration/Servers

  • soylent-www - Primary Apache, mysqld, and varnish servers for main site. Fluorine hosts slashd and ipnd as well.
Hydrogen, Fluorine
  • soylent-db -- ndb-cluster servers for mysql, hold the rehash database.
Helium, Neon
  • dev -- Development server.
  • staff-slash -- Staff server, ssh entry point, staff-only rehash.
  • irc -- IRC server and related services.
  • backups -- Backup services. (NOT on linode)
  • directory services -- Hesoid and Kerberos.
Helium, Boron
Sodium, Magnesium

Stuff That Needs To Be Addressed

  • https is not default everywhere
  • icinga/monitoring project needs killed
  • Landscape - I appreciate NCommanders ability to obtain a product normally sold for free, but if this is not being used it should not be running and using resources. (helium (killed here), perhaps others)
  • Should have some sort of SN password safe
  • Privilege Duplication - making sure that all services have multiple admins
  • Systems Documentation needs to revised and brought up to date.
  • Work Coordination, not always good communication when fundamental things change.
  • There is no firewall coding at all. Something I normally set up before even one network cable is plugged in. I understand the desire to have an open system on public interfaces, but I see no reason that systems not publicly accessible such as database backends should not be firewalled off from Chinese and other such hackers. Such as the attempts being made on Helium from China Mobile communications corporation at the moment I am writing this.

Work Notes

DNS is completely run and managed by Linode's DNS Manager service. This was an expedient decision when trying to get off bluehost. We may want to investigate putting the master zone file on helium or boron and having external services handle serving out our dns.