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This is a comphensive index dealing with aspects of system administration and management of our clusters, as well as some of the more archine bits of setup required to make it work.

Who we are

Sysop Team Main Page




xlefay Co-team leader UTC+2 (CEST)
paulej72 Co-team leader UTC-4 (EDT)
mechanicjay Co-leader UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
NCommander Member UTC-9 (AKDT)
robind Member  ?
Audioguy Member UTC-7 (PST/PDT)

Index of Development Pages and Resources


List of servers on linode: Category:SystemAdministration/Servers

  • soylent-www - Primary Apache and slash servers for main site.
Hydrogen, Fluorine, Boron
  • soylent-db -- mysql servers, holds the slash database.
Helium, Neon
  • dev -- Development server.
  • staff-slash -- Staff only Slash server.
  • irc -- IRC server and related services.
  • directory services -- LDAP and Kerberos.
Helium, Boron

Known Problems

  • Need cron job to backup server
  • No init script for Apache.
  • Broken https configuration
    • Mostly fixed, Slash is the problem child now
  • Gluster is occassionally misfiring, manifests as Apache or slashd crashing depending on the node, can be fixed with the following command cocktail
sudo umount -l /srv/ # tells linux to lazy unmount, required when glusterd took a dive
sudo service glusterfs-server restart
sudo mount -a # will remount gluster without an issue

Then restart Apache/Slashd as required

Work Notes

DNS is completely run and managed by Linode's DNS Manager service. This was an expedient decision when trying to get off bluehost. We may want to investigate putting the master zone file on helium or boron and having external services handle serving out our dns.