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TeamPages - parent, Development


Who we are

  • robinld -- systems
  • mechanicjay -- systems

Index of Development Pages and Resources


  • soylent-www - Primary Apache and slash server for main site.
  • Database machine?
  • slashcott - Holds the slashcott site, development machine
  •  ??????? - some machine that has our dns but is otherwise unused.
  • soylent-services - mail, wiki, other services as needed

Known Problems

  • There is debugging code enabled in the init script for varnish that is specifically labeled 'DEBUG CODE DON'T ENABLE IN PRODUCTION' -- Mechanicjay notes that we had intended to turn this off after the first week as it was helping us troubleshoot login problems the first week. Mechanicjay further notes that he no longer seems to have ssh access to soylent-www so has been unable to comment this out of the varnish config.
  • There are errors in the zone file in the spf TXT record
  • No init script for Apache.
  • Broken https configuration
  • Nginx running

Work Notes


  • DnsRecords - copy of the zone file pasted from the machine that was accidentally turn off
  • EmergencyProcedures - in case of fire, break glass (Red befor messing with servers)