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this page:

This is a compilation of Suggestions from various users. Think of it like a "wish list". These differ from feature requests in that they are projects that may require a significant amount of time to implement. A system should be developed for selecting from one, and having the community vote on which to tackle.

Suggestions can currently be added via or by typing "~suggest [your suggestion here]" in our IRC rooms. You can also just add them below. You should check the bug tracker on github for bugs and feature requests, the TodoList, or the respective team page before suggesting something to see if it is already being worked on.

Teams: feel free to draw from this list and move to a todo list if you would like to tackle one (please remove from here if you do).

  • SoylentNewsRoundup or SNR (best stories, comments, journals, best of IRC)
  • Articles Revisited: (by +5 commenters)
    • research, correct, expand
    • re-submit to topic ""
    • example: Here
    • Submit story for discussion/publicizing idea
  • Add a "settled arguments" section to the wiki (example: the world population is out of control!)
  • Add markdown support in SoylentNews ex:
  • SoylentNews alternate logo S/N (signal/noise) (also SN = Tin atomic symbol)
  • Allow users to mod stories down.
  • Allow up-modding of journal entries
  • Host our own advertisements
    • Keep them in separate areas (sidebars, boxes)
    • Keep them (mostly) static
    • Keep the off-site javascript requirements for them minimal
  • Banner ads that people can use as forum signatures, etc. to spread the word about SoylentNews. See this archived forum thread for more information.
  • Extend validity of mod points (new mod points only awarded once old mod points were used up, but once a user gets mod points he can use them for 3-4 days for topics he cares about instead of just using them up)
  • add a field for 'submitters' comment' feature to the story submission process (see this journal entry)

Suggestions from IRC

  • for moderation, maybe allow anyone to moderate at any time as long as they are logged in and haven't contributed to the conversation, and only have a 'report spam' option as the only negative mod available ~ crutchy @ 02:11, 13 September 2014 (UTC)
  • crutchy for president ~ TheMightyBuzzard @ 02:19, 13 September 2014 (UTC)