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This list is a compilation of Suggestions from various users. Think of it like a "wish list". These differ from feature requests in that they are projects that may require a significant amount of time to implement. A system should be developed for selecting from one, and having the community vote on which to tackle.

Suggestions can currently be added via or by typing "!suggestion [your suggestion here]" in our IRC rooms. You can also just add them below. You might check the TodoList before suggesting something to see if it is already being worked on.

  • SoylentNewsRoundup or SNR (best stories, comments, best of IRC)
  • Articles Revisited: correcting mistakes/expanding on articles (by +5 commenters, "")
  • Add a "settled arguments" section to the wiki (example: the world population is out of control!)
  • Create a location for SoylentNews updates on main site
  • RSS - enable full story (this is also logged as a bug I believe)
  • Add markdown support in SoylentNews ex:
  • SoylentNews alternate logo S/N (signal/noise) (also SN = Tin atomic symbol)
  • Enable Internet Archive auto-crawling (may just need to update robots.txt)
  • Allow users to mod stories down.
  • Allow community to submit bugs on SoylentNews like submitting a story (using slash)
    • Pre-populate the "story" with prompts for desired info (summary, severity, error message seen, steps to reproduce, etc.)
  • Add ability to easily submit journal entries to the stories queue (consideration for publication on SoylentNews)
  • Host our own advertisements
    • Keep them in separate areas (sidebars, boxes)
    • Keep them (mostly) static
    • Keep the off-site javascript requirements for them minimal
  • Make submitted stories headlines into hyperlinks that go to the discussion page
  • Would it be possible to have the RSS feed either include more than the last 10 stories (I would prefer the last 100), or include a variable in the RSS URL so that the user could specify their choice (ie. like &num=100). If a variable is used, then a minimum and maximum number should be defaulted by the server.
  • Banner ads that people can use as forum signatures, etc. to spread the word about SoylentNews. See this archived forum thread for more information.