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This list is a compilation of Suggestions from various users. Think of it like a "wish list". These differ from feature requests in that they are projects that may require a significant amount of time to implement. A system should be developed for selecting from one, and having the community vote on which to tackle.

Suggestions can currently be added via or by typing "!suggestion [your suggestion here]" in our IRC rooms. You can also just add them below. You might check the TodoList or the OpenProjects before suggesting something to see if it is already being worked on.

  • SNR, News Roundup (best stories, comments, best of IRC)
  • Article reviews correcting mistakes/expanding (by +5 commenters, "revisited.soylent")
  • Add a "settled arguments" section to the wiki (example: the world population is out of control!)
  • A location for project updates on main site
  • RSS - enable full story (this is also logged as a bug I believe)
  • Add markdown support in SoylentNews ex:
  • Soylent alternate logo S/N (signal/noise) (also SN = Tin atomic symbol)
  • Enable Internet Archive auto-crawling (may just need to update robots.txt)
  • Dokuwiki as an alternative wiki platform. It's probably not too far on the MediaWiki to do a manual port over, and Dokuwiki has several features about it that make it valuable. ACL's for different sections of the site, the ability to mandate CAPTCHA for registrations and posts, and such
    • This wiki already has CAPTCHAs when registering a new account and adding external links to most websites, and I'm not even sure what we would want such ACL's for currently. FunPika 21:24, 7 March 2014 (UTC)
      • FunPika feel free to remove this suggestion if it is mis-informed mrcoolbp (talk) 06:19, 8 March 2014 (UTC)
  • Allow users to mod stories down.
  • Allow community to submit bugs on SoylentNews much like how they submit a story; prepopulate the "story" with prompts for desired info (summary, severity, error message seen, steps to reproduce, etc.)
  • Add ability to easily submit journal entries to the stories queue for consideration on publication on SoylentNews