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As asked for on the front page: Discussion of Submission Guidelines.

It wouldn't be slashdot without hot-button topics generating hundreds of posts in areas on the more political charged side of science (global warming, nuclear energy, weapons, evolution, etc.)

I've noticed that the quality of articles on Slashdot has gone down a lot in recent years. Even if Slashdot goes back to the original format, I think we can make a much better site by having better articles.

Source Standards

  • Link to most primary source possible.
  • No more linking to fly-by-night blogs or linkbaits
Editors are responsible for checking all links that go in a story (preferably from inside a sandbox)
  • Link to print-version instead of 50-page clickthrough
  • If sites get Soylented, should article links automatically Corel Cache?
Would there be a way of switching to a different cache on the fly, for when Corel Cache goes out of business?
  • No more linkbait titles. After Slashcott, will look up that article... but Dice basically admitted they put celebrity names and intentionally misleading subjects to entice people to click through from search engines. This is a scummy horrible practice that needs to go.  !!

  • TFTitle == TFS == TFA  !!!


As is stands now OldSlashdot has the following categories on the front page.

  • Ask Slashdot
  • Book Reviews
  • Games
  • Idle
  • YRO
  • Cloud
  • Hardware
  • Linux
    • perhaps we should add a Windows and OSX category as well or just call this Operating Systems. I'm a Linux user at home, but it seems one sided to have only a category for Linux. We should try to be unbiased when possible.
  • Management
  • Mobile
  • Science
  • Security
  • Storage

Is this the same format people would want on a new site? Expand the list, or focus more on fewer categories? Combine where possible (i.e. Storage and Cloud may fit in some larger category ??) Additions:

  • Alternative Energy
  • General Current events ?
  • Developers
  • Digital Currency/Bitcoin? - is anybody really interested in Bitcoin as much as the /. editors seem to be?
    • Seems to be a bit of a buzz around this. Just like someone above said, maybe these "subject of the day" things can be combined in to a single category. Things like Cryptocurrency, Cloud, etc.
  • Making ?