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As asked for on the front page: Discussion of Submission Guidelines.

Will your site have less global warming bs on it? That would be an improvement...

I think the climate change discussions land pretty squarely in the Science area. It's only "Political Bullshit" when people move it that way. - Cactus

It wouldn't be slashdot without hot-button topics generating hundreds of posts in areas on the more political charged side of science (global warming, nuclear energy, weapons, evolution, etc.)

Slashdot might cave and go back to the original layout, so where would that leave us?

I've noticed that the quality of articles on Slashdot has gone down a lot in recent years. Even if Slashdot goes back to the original format, I think we can make a much better site by having better articles.

I've some ideas on how to do this, but right now I'm pressed for time. Perhaps someone could start a separate discussion page for submission guidelines?


As is stands now OldSlashdot has the following categories on the front page.

  • Ask Slashdot
  • Book Reviews
  • Games
  • Idle
  • YRO
  • Cloud
  • Hardware
  • Linux
  • Management
  • Mobile
  • Science
  • Security
  • Storage
Is this the same format people would want on a new site? Expand the list, or focus more on fewer categories?