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Wish List and Identified Problems

Phase 1 Repair List

These are what needs to happen as a priority on the current site:

  • 'Read More' link and 'n Comments' needs font size definition changed to em from points, as it is unreadable on small devices such as phones. All links in the center column should be checked for this. (I bilieve that the new css will fix this -EP)
  • 'Yesterday's News' needs to not have < and > surrounding it as this is confusing. It should either have square brackets or none at all.
  • The Comments under articles need to be brought in line with the center column and not spill over to the right column. Otherwise this results in unacceptable whitespace when article summaries are short. (This would leave whit space on the side then -EP)
  • When posting comments: The original article must appear at the top and the parent thread must appear also, whereas currently this does not occur. Very disorientating.
  • The same goes after moderation. There should not be separate notification pages that then link to the original page. Notifications should appear conveniently at the top or bottom of the working page.
  • The entire user preferences section should be merged into a single large page.
  • We need to have a single column view for phones/narrow mobile devices with reduced functionality - working on a schematic for this
  • The comments list should be collapsible/expandable using CSS. Different CSS for different threshold views. This will reduce page reloads and make browsing more pleasant.

These are more minor cosmetic problems:

  • Bottom right of the right column there are some included lower-borders of non-existent boxes. They need removing (quick and dirty css fix is on its way -EP)
  • We need a more consistent font that looks the same on different browsers, need to make some mockups and see what people think (Another fix is on its way with a font stack that has friendly fonts for all major systems -EP).
  • The left bottom window needs to have some kind of links of interest, and not a message "put links here" (I have roughed-out something for this. Not sure how to submit. -martyb)
  • The word slashdot needs to be removed from the face of the earth, including
  • The view on mobile phones is good for center column, microscopic for side columns. This is not critical yet but we need to start work soon on a mobile devices interface, taking note that the size of the pointer (finger) is massive and clumsy compared to a mouse cursor from the POV of user interface design.
  • We need martyb's links made live on the website: to be found in his journal entry here.


The fonts are "not right", but to elaborate:

  • Some people consider the typeface to be too 'generic' and does not give the site a unique look.
  • Because of differences in rendering fonts between operating systems and browsers, there is inconsistency in font weight and kerning. (see below -EP)
  • We need to trial different font sets and ordering of fonts and decide on the optimal set. (upcoming css changes have this font-family: Verdana, Geneva, "Bitstream Vera Sans", "DejaVu Sans", sans-serif; this is a test, but the stack is Linux friendly -EP)


  • Red theme is ok, however color contrast is excessive on wide gamut displays, especially some Apple devices. (Frogblast and MrBluze are working on mockups / test designs for replacing the current color scheme)



  • User selectable themes


  • Comment submission - The article summary and the entire thread to which the comment replies should be visible when writing a comment.
  • Bug #51 - Tricky main page navigation - This appears to be an ambiguity issue. 'Yesterday's News' should not have directional arrows surrounding it.
  • Bug #20 - Scroll bars on 800x600 screens - Do we need a low res (single column) version of the site? Which functionality needs to be 'buried' for this? Need to discuss.
  • Bug #22 - Navigation --> Past Polls ==> Submit Poll : Goes to same page as Navigation --> Submit Story; In other words, submitted a poll makes it looks like you are submitting a story.
  • Bug #40 - Log out needs to be more prominent - Further to this, User session controls need to be TOP RIGHT DIV at ALL TIMES.
  • Bug #48 - Ugly Login / New User Account page.
  • Bug #?? - Current Pending Submissions / "Submissions List" page only shows ~ 35 characters of each submitted headline.