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Golden Ratio of Proportionality

This resource is summarised for our purposes here and pertains to Line length, Line height and Font Size:

  • The Golden Ratio is approximately = 1.618
  • Line height increases with increasing font size, and increasing line length.
    • Landscape view has long line lengths
    • Portrait view has short line lengths
  • The screen orientation should be sensed to determine optimal line width: use media queries.
  • Font style will have implications on perceived line widths, as stunted fonts versus tall fonts produce a different overhead whitespace.

See Line Height versus Line Width at for a thumbnail guide to font size / line height selection.

  • The same website provides a calculator:

See Typography Calculator

General Guidelines for Font Choice

  • The actual font face chosen is a matter of taste, practicality and evidence basis
    • The current fashion is to use sans-serif fonts, however with increasing display desity and the fact that sans-serif has been in vogue a long time, this fashion is set to change back to serif

General Guidelines for Styles

  • Drop-caps will not be used, as we are not aiming for magazine style.
  • Blockquotes should be indented, approx 0.50cm from the left justification of normal text.
    • However to maintain tidy left flush design, a tick but lightly shaded vertical rule (3.30 pt thickness, for example) that is about 0.5cm