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Comments about the site color from the forums:

  • Cloying: So far there seems to be a lot of red flying about. The logo, the initial slash code site. I would much prefer green, a Slashdot similar green. Please say it will be green! Green is more peaceful, the color of science in quizzes (well often), obviously soylent green, but perhaps more importantly the colour of Slashdot. I think familiarity will really help everyone feel at home. Or is there a problem using green?
  • Category: Green is the obvious choice IMO, from the name alone.
  • Blackmoore: I like green myself. is everything currently in red; in an attempt to avoid conflict with dice? or just because were mad as hell?
  • Twike: I also like green, and I think it's red because that's the slashcode default(I think I saw that mentioned earlier on one of the other threads, but I'm not going to look it up now, I'm still getting caught back up).
  • carguy: I'm cool with any defaults for now, red is certainly usable. Seems like there are bigger fish to fry.
  • Cactus: That's all we have for now. There was going to be a bit of a test earlier, but moderation was broken. They are regrouping and fixin that, and will let us know what's up as soon as they can.
  • mattie_p: Seems to me that the most recognized soylent is green, and might be trademarked or copyrighted. Another color could be better.
  • Cactus: Oh, but this is SoylentVerde. Totally unrelated.
  • mattie_p (replying to Cactus): Oh, well that is completely different. Carry on, then.
  • Istaera: I think it has to be a different colour to slashdot in order to avoid copying them, copyright, etc. That said, green is the obvious choice for something with Soylent in the name, so perhaps a different green would work well, perhaps a greener green (lighter? yellower?).
  • Gaaark (replying to mattie_p): But soylent red/any/other/colour isn't people. Wonder if there is an off-green? :D
  • WizardFusion: Blue maybe. :D
  • unitron: I'm partial to the blue going on over at
  • unitron: Apparently the blue at pipedot is now considerably more green than when I first noticed it. At least on my monitor.
  • bryan (replying to unitron): I've been using the same blue (#506890) on most of my webpages for over 15 years.
  • unitron: Well, everything else around here is breaking down, I suppose my monitor might as well be one of them. Can you describe how that blue looks to you? Does it have a whole lot more green in it than the blue here on the phpBB version of Soylent?
  • it doesn't come easy (replying to unitron): Whoa, our first philosophical question. I've often wondered how colors look to other people. Someday, maybe we'll be able to see the world from another's point of view...then maybe we'll be able to answer that question (as well as others).
  • WizardFusion (replying to unitron): To me, on my screen, its blue, leaning towards purple.
  • unitron (replying to WizardFusion): No green?
  • WizardFusion (replying to unitron): We are talking about right.? there is no green in the site theme what-so-ever. None, zip, nil, nada :D You need a new monitor/glasses/eyes
  • unitron (replying to WizardFusion): If not all of the above. Does this page ( phpBB) look blue overall?
  • WizardFusion (replying to unitron): Mostly, the large header is blue, the "section" panels are blueish. I would describe them as dark light-blue, or dirty light-blue. Still no green tho :D
  • unitron (replying to WizardFusion): That's exactly how this page looks for me in Chrome on XP, but in the tab right next to it pipedot's blue has so much green it might be more accurate to call it green-blue than blue-green. But a few days ago it was semi-light blue with no green and the faintest whisper of red.
  • WizardFusion: Are you partially colour-blind? Can you try with a different monitor?