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Thread archived from forums.

Original post by Jaruzel

Hi guys,

Just thought I'd offer up these as free (temporary) replacements for those horrible ancient Friend/Foe icons we currently have.

<img src="">


They are all 15x15 GIFs, named correctly, so should just be a case of dropping them in.

Use/don't use - just thought I'd share. :D



FrogBlast: Spectacular! The faces have been driving me a little nuts, to be honest. These will certainly be less startling. Long-term, I'm thinking something like driver-status icons. Exclamatory triangle, and the like. Thoughts?

applesmasher: Those seem to indicate warnings which suggest taking action on the part of the reader, which isn't really what it's about. What about tinting the bar over the comment instead? Or a part of it?

FrogBlast: I like that idea.

melikamp: I think, at the very least, the icons should be distinctive. I would be OK even with faces, if only I could pick out friends out of the sea of neutrals. Also, neutrals should probably not have icons at all, as no confusion can possibly arise. Or give them a white square rather than grey, if that's easier. The less they stand out, the better.