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| [https://www.cnet.com/news/asus-reveals-latest-rog-gaming-gear-including-rtx-3090-3080-cards-and-wi-fi-6e-router/#ftag=CAD590a51e link] || 241ff7 || Asus reveals latest ROG gaming gear, including RTX 3090, 3080 cards and Wi-Fi 6E router
| [https://www.cnet.com/news/asus-reveals-latest-rog-gaming-gear-including-rtx-3090-3080-cards-and-wi-fi-6e-router/#ftag=CAD590a51e link] || 241ff7 || Asus reveals latest ROG gaming gear, including RTX 3090, 3080 cards and Wi-Fi 6E router
| [https://phys.org/news/2020-09-helicopters-online-subculture.html link] || a7ca1c || 'Attack helicopters' an online subculture to watch out for
| [https://threatpost.com/attackers-can-exploit-critical-cisco-jabber-flaw-with-one-message/158942/ link] || 7072b4 || Attackers Can Exploit Critical Cisco Jabber Flaw With One Message
| [https://threatpost.com/attackers-can-exploit-critical-cisco-jabber-flaw-with-one-message/158942/ link] || 7072b4 || Attackers Can Exploit Critical Cisco Jabber Flaw With One Message
Line 1,379: Line 1,377:
| [https://www.propublica.org/article/reporting-recipe-how-to-report-on-voting-by-mail#994560 link] || 104326 || Reporting Recipe: How to Report on Voting by Mail
| [https://www.propublica.org/article/reporting-recipe-how-to-report-on-voting-by-mail#994560 link] || 104326 || Reporting Recipe: How to Report on Voting by Mail
| [https://phys.org/news/2020-09-deep-climate.html link] || de456b || Research finds deep listening could help fight climate change
| [https://phys.org/news/2020-09-universal-mechanism-ejection-black-holes.html link] || 916671 || Researcher proposes universal mechanism for ejection of matter by black holes
| [https://phys.org/news/2020-09-universal-mechanism-ejection-black-holes.html link] || 916671 || Researcher proposes universal mechanism for ejection of matter by black holes
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| [https://www.cnet.com/news/wasteland-3-is-the-game-to-play-while-youre-waiting-for-other-games/#ftag=CAD590a51e link] || 1f636a || Wasteland 3 is the game to play while you're waiting for other games
| [https://www.cnet.com/news/wasteland-3-is-the-game-to-play-while-youre-waiting-for-other-games/#ftag=CAD590a51e link] || 1f636a || Wasteland 3 is the game to play while you're waiting for other games
| [https://www.cnet.com/news/watch-marvels-touching-tribute-to-chadwick-boseman/#ftag=CAD590a51e link] || 12465c || Watch Marvel's touching tribute to Chadwick Boseman
| [https://www.cnet.com/news/watch-nasa-melt-sand-with-a-fiery-artemis-moon-mission-rocket-booster-test/#ftag=CAD590a51e link] || 8d225b || Watch NASA melt sand with a fiery Artemis moon-mission rocket booster test
| [https://www.cnet.com/news/watch-nasa-melt-sand-with-a-fiery-artemis-moon-mission-rocket-booster-test/#ftag=CAD590a51e link] || 8d225b || Watch NASA melt sand with a fiery Artemis moon-mission rocket booster test
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| [https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/09/this-is-the-day-the-mandalorian-season-2-will-premiere-october-30/ link] || fa73bd || “This is the day”: Disney+ announces The Mandalorian season 2 premiere date
| [https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/09/this-is-the-day-the-mandalorian-season-2-will-premiere-october-30/ link] || fa73bd || “This is the day”: Disney+ announces The Mandalorian season 2 premiere date
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link f66643 15 best TV shows to stream on Amazon Prime Video
link af3128 16-year-old racer Chloe Chambers sets Guinness slalom record in Porsche 718 Spyder
link 6f7fd3 1 in 5 tenants in L.A. County has struggled with rent during the pandemic
link aaf568 2-D nanomaterial shows promise for high-speed electronics, quantum devices and defense tools
link 45daa8 20% less water in Murray-Darling rivers than expected under Basin Plan
link d18265 2017 Tesla Hack
link 668267 2021 Audi RS6 Avant RS Tribute Edition is limited to 25 units
link cd5ea7 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor could rock a V8, report says
link 2a8cbd 2021 Honda Civic Type R is still the hottest hatch and costs $38,450
link 3ef222 2021 Jeep Gladiator packs diesel power, plus 80th Anniversary and Willys models
link 2dc8e0 2021 Jeep Gladiator remains a burly Jack of all trades
link 9777fe 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid has 25 miles of electric range
link def501 2021 Jeep Wrangler adds more off-road goodies, 80th Anniversary Edition
link 4e34b3 2021 Mazda6 lands standard Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
link 22a0a3 2021 Mazda6 looks swanky in Carbon Edition trim
link 89bac2 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class evolves the flagship
link 8da958 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is ready for Level 3 automated driving
link d787a6 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is smarter, safer and more luxurious than ever
link 4f571f 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class safety tech: Rear-seat airbags and 48-volt architecture
link 925e35 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs. Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series: Superlative sedans compared
link 0c33ce 2021 Ram 1500 revealed with trickle-down TRX tech
link bfb96e 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended offers more of what matters
link 2ebd11 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost also gets longer-wheelbase Extended model
link 29ffe5 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost is a V12 powerhouse that'll spoil you with luxury
link 7f43a0 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost vs. Bentley Flying Spur and Mercedes-Maybach S650: Battle of the opulent
link bf85b5 2022 Hyundai Kona gets sleeker looks and hotter N Line model
link 5fbf30 2022 Hyundai Kona is sharper and sportier
link 3d7cde 2022 Hyundai Kona revealed with sleeker looks and hotter N Line model
link dba067 2 hours of TV a day in late childhood linked to lower test scores later
link fe25ed 30 of the best movies to see on Netflix
link 7d03de 3D-Printed Flight Controls Use Magnets for Enhanced Flight Simulator 2020 Experience
link 0568c7 5G for $125? New Qualcomm chips bring 5G to super-cheap devices
link 5b8e46 5 fantastic Android 10 features you probably forget to use
link 2342fb 5 fun online drawing classes you can take right now
link 2d78b3 5 monitors for working from home (that are currently in stock)
link 4c9903 5 things to know before you buy a Huawei P40 Pro phone
link 4b96dc 7 Labor Day 2020 laptop deals available right now
link 3c2d2c AI Advances and Applications
link 676e0a AT&T backs Trump plan, demands “neutrality” on Facebook, Amazon, and Google
link 5dee12 A 3D Printed Magnetic Stirrer For Your DIY Chemistry Projects
link 2cc5fc A 400-year-old chamois will serve as a model for research on ice mummies
link 02ba9a A Cyclopic LCD Case For Your Raspberry Pi Server
link ce2829 A 'bang' in LIGO and Virgo detectors signals most massive gravitational-wave source yet
link 44f515 A brief history of Chinese-American espionage entanglements
link 9c3b1c A disc of gas would explain mysterious light changes observed in Sagittarius constellation
link e3aca5 A history of punctuation
link 6bdd07 A molecular approach to quantum computing
link d2bdfa A multinational study overturns a 130-year old assumption about seawater chemistry
link 2007f0 A new generation is trying to destigmatize mental health and therapy
link 46e627 A new way of modulating color emissions from transparent films
link bf59af A powerful Blendtec blender is more than half off right now
link 2d7caa A small number of self-organizing autonomous vehicles significantly increases traffic flow
link 20a667 A spicy silver lining
link 7b3c29 A surprising opportunity for telehealth in shaping the future of medicine
link 9910e0 Acer Spin 7 is the world's first Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 laptop
link 913138 Acer Swift 3 with Ryzen 4700U—a budget laptop punching above its class
link 777543 Acer Swift 5, Swift 3 get tuned up with 11th-gen Intel chips
link e951b2 Acer joins GeForce RTX 3000 series, 360Hz monitor game
link 0188b9 Additive manufacturing of multi-functional parts
link d09000 Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban attack on Paktia military base
link a3ab88 After UAE-Israel deal, Kushner pushes other Arab states for more
link 38019a AirPods vs. AirPods 2: The main differences between Apple's wireless earbuds
link 1acdda Air conditioning technology is the great missed opportunity in the fight against climate change
link 0360e0 Alienware adds 360Hz displays to its laptops, Nvidia RTX 30 series to desktops
link 92f337 Aluminum recycling technology boosted by crystallization research
link d217b8 Amazon Alexa's next home could be your apartment complex
link e73d8a Amazon Music, Twitch partnership lets fans engage with artists via livestreams
link 550d21 Amazon Prime vs. Walmart Plus: Which delivery service gets you more?
link 317b35 Amazon deletes anti-union listing, watches workers’ “secret” social groups
link 2e431b Amazon opens its first online-only Whole Foods
link 342611 Amazon to create 7,000 UK jobs
link 62cf8e Amazonian Secrets
link f51bc6 Amazon's new battery-powered Blink security cameras claim to last 4 years
link c4001a Ambient light alters refraction in 2-D material
link 2a732b Ambient light alters refraction in 2D material
link fb85e0 America Doesn’t Have a Coherent Strategy for Asymptomatic Testing. It Needs One.
link 35f2c4 An Analog IC Design Book Draft
link 2f791f An embedded ethics approach for AI development
link b2b071 An unexpected origin story for a lopsided black hole merger
link 4acba7 An unprecedented discovery of cell fusion
link 27f33b An unusual superconductor
link 42b1ea Ancestry vs. 23 and Me: Which DNA testing kit is best to help you find your family origins?
link 120b51 Ancient Chinese text revealed to be an anatomical atlas of the human body
link 60d4b6 Ancient Grains Hint at Prehistoric Beer Brewing
link fe1aeb Antibiotics affect breast milk microbiota in mothers of preterm infants, study finds
link 87c2c7 Antique Oscilloscope Gets New Home and Purpose
link 073965 Anxiety and depression are associated with medical care avoidance during the pandemic
link 436474 Appeals court finds NSA's bulk phone data collection was unlawful
link 360698 Appeals court finds NSA's mass metadata collection was unlawful
link 7151bf Apple Arcade's The Last Campfire game carries a message of light and hope during the pandemic
link b6d773 Apple and Google expand coronavirus exposure notifications, simplify app requirements
link 78d933 Apple and Google have launched coronavirus exposure notifications without an app
link a33704 Apple delays iOS privacy change that critics say will disrupt ad market
link 7027cd Apple delays iOS privacy change upsetting the ad market
link 2ca4eb Apple is giving developers more control over discounts on the app store
link 0d1387 Apple more valuable than the entire FTSE 100
link f9c419 Apple preps 75 million 5G iPhones along with new iPad Air, Apple Watches, report says
link 5f4e90 Apple says iOS apps created 300,000 US jobs since April 2019
link 887695 Apple sets scene for 5G ‘for the rest of us’
link 24a03d Apple's iOS 13.7 release includes COVID-19 'exposure notifications express'
link d1037d Apple's rumored AirPods Studio may have a lay-flat storage design
link 7eeabc Are refurbished eBay phones worth it? $650 later, I have some advice
link f0cda3 Arrests resume in Belarus as students take to streets of Minsk
link 1f1a7f As rural western towns grow, so do their planning challenges
link 71d2f8 Asphalt adds to air pollution, especially on hot, sunny days
link 41f51a Astronomers identify 18 metal-poor stars in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy
link 1d9b19 Asus ZenBooks and Vivobooks go 11th gen all the way
link 7c6161 Asus Zenfone 7 Pro is a flipping cool phone, but you'll have to pay for it
link 6fad3e Asus Zenfone 7 Pro review: A flipping cool phone if you're willing to pay for it (after the price bump)
link 241ff7 Asus reveals latest ROG gaming gear, including RTX 3090, 3080 cards and Wi-Fi 6E router
link 7072b4 Attackers Can Exploit Critical Cisco Jabber Flaw With One Message
link c6b465 Attacking tumors from the inside
link f262d8 Attacking tumours directly on identification
link 74a803 Australia likely to experience up to 35% more El Niños under new projections
link d0b0d0 Australian business anchor for China's CGTN detained in Beijing
link 8e826b Autonomous robot plays with NanoLEGO
link 636e3b Aviation contributes 3.5% to the drivers of climate change that stem from humans
link 1e1faf BEC Wire Transfers Average $80K Per Attack
link 8909b4 Back to School
link 433e5c Battery-free Game Boy runs forever
link 15ceca Beavers, bison and returning beasts: Rewilding the UK
link bbc35f Beavers appear to help the growth of brown trout in South America, study finds
link a1d3a5 Behold, Nvidia’s 3080 GPU: 2x 2080 power, starting at $699 on Sept. 17
link c5f4af Beirut Blast: In the Chaos
link 1f5a1e Bella Thorne, OnlyFans and the battle over monetising content
link fe8189 Bering Sea ice extent is at most reduced�state in last 5,500 years
link db965e Best 4K TV for 2020: LG, Vizio, Samsung and TCL compared
link 6fe6c2 Best AirPods accessories for 2020
link 34d7da Best Alexa devices to buy in 2020: Ring, Echo and more
link b08f40 Best Buy's amazing bundle is back: Echo Show 10, Echo Show 5 and Philips Hue bulb for $180
link 6df28e Best PS4 gaming headset for 2020
link e811e6 Best airline credit cards for September 2020
link d481e0 Best alarm clocks for 2020
link 620563 Best car wash soap in 2020
link 68825c Best electric toothbrush for 2020: Quip, Colgate, Sonicare and more compared
link 6d8761 Best essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy in 2020
link 338450 Best food processor of 2020: Cuisinart, KitchenAid and more
link be13fc Best gadgets of IFA 2020
link f4fe9a Best laptop for 2020
link 2cbfb5 Best laptop under $500 of 2020 in stock from HP, Lenovo, Acer and more
link 1594b5 Best life insurance for 2020
link a49b2d Best online will makers for 2020
link 095375 Best place to buy contacts online in 2020
link e1cd3c Best portable mini Bluetooth speaker for 2020: JBL, Bose, Sony and more
link b21d4f Best prepared-meal delivery services for 2020: Home Chef, Daily Harvest, Veestro, more
link 3bb38f Best smart displays for 2020: Echo Shows, Google Nest Hubs and more
link bf49b4 Best smart speakers of 2020: Nest Mini, Echo Dot, and Homepod compared
link f64541 Best snack subscription box
link f29644 Best streaming device, tablet, smart TV and soundbar: Roku, Apple and Amazon
link 756c61 Best travel credit cards for September 2020
link 6f6f1e Best true wireless earbuds for 2020: Apple AirPods, Google Pixel Buds and more
link 89e66f Best waterproof camera for shooting underwater video in 2020
link b06c42 Better customer care on Twitter leads to nearly 20% increase in customer satisfaction
link 0d88de Biden, Trump ramp up campaigns amid national crises
link 7e5293 Biden presidential campaign rolls out yard signs in Animal Crossing
link 59c2f1 Biden says Kenosha officer who shot Jacob Blake should be charged
link cffcff Biden speaks to Jacob Blake during Wisconsin visit
link 9340a6 Biggest black hole collision ever detected creates a cosmic monster
link 3b49b7 Bilingual children may lose less brain matter as they grow up
link 10ac34 Bill & Ted's Alex Winter, Scott Kroopf explain the George Carlin tribute in Face the Music
link 79d4c6 Biodiversity: In a mite-y bit of trouble
link 7a7924 Biological control agents can protect soybeans from sudden death syndrome
link b54d79 Birds can learn from others to be more daring
link 79d252 Black man died after US police put hood on him, pinned him down
link 2ccedd Blackouts that cut cell service aren't just annoying, they're dangerous
link 887eb4 Blood pressure-lowering is even more beneficial than previously thought
link 2d86a1 Bodybuilding supplement promotes healthy aging and extends life span, at least in mice
link 79372f Bold 2021 Hyundai Tucson redesign teased ahead of Sept. 14 debut
link 3c510f Book Excerpt from How Zoologists Organize Things
link 4b954b Boston Dynamics robot dog Spot protects medical workers from coronavirus
link 23d2d9 Bowers and Wilkins' 600 Anniversary Edition looks better, promises improved sound
link be5ae4 Brain protein linked to seizures, abnormal social behaviors
link aadb59 Brainstem protein mediates exercise-based stress relief
link c5941f BrandPost: The New Standard for Modern Business Notebooks
link aaedff Brazilian Amazon fires near level of 2019 crisis
link 553eb3 Brazilian researchers complete sequencing of native stingless bee genome
link b6e338 Breakthrough narrows intelligent life search in Milky Way
link 40d164 Brew espresso at home with Frigidaire's new multipod machine for $75
link 7e89da Budget TV-maker TCL wants to sell you tablets, too
link bbb4ee Building An Open Source ThinkPad Battery
link 0d81d8 Bus drivers more likely to let white customers ride for free: study
link cc30b8 CDC issues unprecedented order halting evictions to prevent COVID-19 spread
link be0a2b COVID-19 Antibodies Last for at Least Four Months After Recovery
link 212b10 COVID-19 has likely tripled depression rate, study finds
link 5f407a COVID-19 sparks 12-fold increase in remote delivery of mental health care across the US
link 18fd23 COVID-tracing Framework Privacy Busted by Bluetooth
link 3b6736 Calls for apology grow over Joy Reid's 'Islamophobic' remarks
link 9d202e Can Europe tame the pandemic’s next wave?
link 4e7a36 Can sunlight convert emissions into useful materials?
link 928b0a Canada, Netherlands join Gambia's genocide case against Myanmar
link ff9275 'Carelessness' blamed for Turkey's second coronavirus peak: Live
link 4d851d Cerebral Palsy Tool Assistant
link afe1eb Chadwick Boseman, star of Black Panther, dead at 43: 'A king on and off screen'
link 033d8a Chadwick Boseman's death from colorectal cancer underscores an alarming increase in cases among younger adults
link 3a01a2 Charlie Hebdo reprints Prophet Muhammad caricatures
link 1d18c9 Chevy Corvette Stingray in right-hand drive is real, headed to Japan first
link fe1200 Child planting
link 77223f China-based APT Debuts Sepulcher Malware in Spear-Phishing Attacks
link 42909c China confirms it'll play a role in the sale of TikTok, report says
link 2c6866 China working to double nuclear warheads: Pentagon
link 9a5a9c China's ethnic Mongolians protest Mandarin curriculum in schools
link d2e2a7 Chinese astronomers investigate spectral behavior of gamma-ray blazar S5 0716+714
link af6ef2 Cisco Warns of Active Exploitation of Flaw in Carrier-Grade Routers
link 173c6c Climate change: Power companies 'hindering' move to green energy
link ad4d05 Climate change and the tyranny of psychological distance
link d517b2 Climate change could deliver more sediment and pollution to the San Francisco Bay-Delta
link 95a4f5 Climate change could increase rice yields
link 9ebafb Climate change fuels sharp increase in glacier lakes
link 10c4c0 Colombia expands reopening as coronavirus cases stabilise
link 316e73 Commission charts narrow path for editing human embryos
link 0135b4 Common species mirror rare animals' response to global change
link 13caf6 Common sunscreen ingredients dangerous for freshwater ecosystems, says study
link 4065ea Common sunscreen ingredients prove dangerous for freshwater ecosystems
link ba00d5 Comprehensive look at US fuel economy standards show big savings on fuel and emissions
link 89558d Continuous and stable lasing achieved from low-cost perovskites at room temperature
link 6f2337 Contributors
link 0bd5e4 Coronavirus: All you need to know about symptoms and risks
link 3b23e1 Coronavirus: All you need to know in under 500 words
link 37c99b Coronavirus: Technology helps teachers rethink distanced learning
link afa305 Coronavirus: Which countries have confirmed cases?
link c5ee00 Coronavirus Closeup, 1964
link cb6ae9 Coronavirus Vaccine Roundup, Early September
link 0023cf 'Coronavirus a blessing': Pandemic boom in Nigeria's 'Kannywood'
link cb1925 Coronavirus pandemic: Which politicians and celebs are affected?
link c30bc7 Coronavirus plunges Brazil into recession: Live news
link 6eee0a Coronavirus tracing apps can save lives even with low adoption rates
link 4595da Coupling of Southern Ocean and Antarctica during a past greenhouse
link 3a6b43 Crunchy, complex: Three new apples released
link a67a09 Cuba imposes Havana lockdown as coronavirus spreads
link e3992c Curiosity: Summer approaches in Gale crater
link 52a380 DOJ lawyers face pressure to file Google antitrust case this month
link cadc66 DeNovix launches 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Ready Software for CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counters
link 120ac9 Deadliest semi truck crashes could nearly halve with automatic emergency braking
link 64dd81 Debate reignited over Japanese buildings in South Korea
link 0fc7ff Decades-old mystery of lithium-ion battery storage solved
link 3ccfe7 Decorating windows for optimal sound transmission
link a8a72c Dell Latitude 9510: Hands-on with the work laptop ready for right now
link 7834ae Depression worsens over time for older caregivers of newly diagnosed dementia patients
link b15af3 Detecting small amounts of virus in early infections
link 5e86dd Diabetes-in-a-dish model uncovers new insights into the cause of type 2 diabetes
link 568c72 Diarrhea, stomach ache and nausea: The many ways COVID-19 can affect your gut
link 3b9e77 Did meteorite impacts help create life on Earth and beyond?
link f800d9 Different responses in individual cells give muscles more control
link 39b337 Differing diets of bonobo groups may offer insights into how culture is created
link 7eadf7 Digital gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet
link c8be92 Direct observation of desorption of a melt of long polymer chains
link a779c7 Disney Plus' Mulan 2020 release: Everything we know (and don't know still)
link 0a2f09 Disney Plus' Mulan 2020 release: Everything we know (and still don't know)
link 6182b4 Disney's Mulan to be free with regular Disney Plus subscription Dec. 4
link 089310 Diverse supply chains are a win for society—and for business
link 65610a Do neck gaiters spread coronavirus more easily? Not exactly
link a7d483 Don’t Slack Off On Updating Your Status
link 7b2d5e Drone survey reveals large earthwork at ancestral Wichita site in Kansas
link 0ae412 Drones can be a source of disturbance to wintering waterbird flocks
link 1f4f1b Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his family test positive for COVID-19
link a762a9 Dynabook brings Intel Tiger Lake CPUs to insanely light Portege X30 laptop and 2-in-1
link b87638 E-scooter trial rolled out in West Midlands
link 48129d EPA issues new rules on coal plant pollution
link 0f0f33 EU begins Boeing 737 Max certification flights
link 26db4d Earliest fossil evidence of an insect lichen mimic
link e25c91 Early COVID-19 news coverage amplified political divide
link 249855 Eat more to grow more arms...if you're a sea anemone
link 35d9c6 Eat more to grow more arms… if you're a sea anemone
link 137eed Editing immune response could make gene therapy more effective
link d3bc57 Education apps are sending your location data and personal info to advertisers
link f94e16 Effective cancer immunotherapy further linked to regulating a cell 'suicide' gene
link ebfa41 Elac Uni-Fi 2.0 speakers pair better with AV receivers, start at $600
link 1b7865 Elderly people protected against respiratory infections by BCG vaccine
link a9b5ed Electric Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 dashes quarter mile in just 8 seconds
link 81b04e Electric Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 is here to silently rip through quarter miles
link 37b938 Electromagnetic chirality: From fundamentals to nontraditional chiroptical phenomena
link f0c11b Elementary
link 30c7fd Elon Musk: SpaceX starting on 'Super Heavy' rocket booster to power Mars trip
link 99c2ce Elon Musk passes Mark Zuckerberg, is now third-richest person in the world
link 38952a Empirical evidence that nice people don’t always finish last
link df6846 Engineers create micron-scale optical tweezers
link 983939 Engineers reprogram yeast cells to become microscopic drug factories
link 8ed726 Enter for your chance to win a Google Pixel 4A*
link 8fe4ad Europe's largest Solar Telescope GREGOR unveils magnetic details of the Sun
link 85c9b9 Evacuated from homeless shelters, hotel residents rely on tech to stay connected
link f60e6a Everything Samsung announced at IFA 2020
link 1bd434 Everything Samsung announced at Unpacked part 2: Galaxy Z Fold 2 and more
link 71bda3 Everything you always wanted to know about the economics of dating sites (but were afraid to ask)
link 433228 Evidence slowly building for long-term heart problems post-COVID-19
link 3ca54c Excitable cells: Tracking the evolution of electrical signalling in plants
link 62f0ff Experimental vaccine that boosts antigen production shows promise against COVID-19
link 557500 Exploring oxidative pathways in nuclear fuel
link 96ca68 Exploring the impact of climate change on energy systems at both a global and regional scale
link cf6e15 Explosive new No Time to Die trailer builds James Bond hype back up
link 45dde1 Exposure to cadmium in the womb linked to childhood asthma and allergies
link af5964 Exposure to workplace sexual harassment linked to an increased risk of suicidal behavior
link 46c36a Eye of a fly: Researchers reveal secrets of fly vision for rapid flight control
link 427131 FBI: Ring Smart Doorbells Could Sabotage Cops
link e923c2 Fabric AR thinks augmented reality needs a makeover
link 2ac36e Face masks: Why your eyes might be saying more than you realize
link 255902 Face shield or face mask to stop the spread of COVID-19?
link 191b51 Face shields, masks with valves ineffective against COVID-19 spread: study
link 20797d Facebook and Twitter 'dismantle Russian network'
link 56dcbb Facebook complains, Apple responds: iOS 14’s big privacy change gets postponed
link 72cb43 Facebook didn't remove Kenosha Guard militia event that called for violence
link 3ace7f Facebook halts Oculus Quest sales in Germany amid privacy concerns
link 1e4704 Facebook notifies people it can remove or block content to avoid regulatory risk
link a7dbe2 Facebook says it's catching Russian-linked fake accounts earlier
link 993079 Facebook says over 1.25 billion people visit Watch tab monthly
link 09b665 Facebook says stepping up efforts to tackle Myanmar hate speech
link 33ec2f Facebook threatens news sharing ban in Australia
link 45b5f9 Facebook threatens to block news-sharing in Australia
link 0c3668 Facebook threatens to remove news from its platform in Australia
link 9f7018 Facebook to limit political ads ahead of November election
link 1ad799 Facebook to limit political advertisements before US election
link 01660c Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg pledges $300M to support 'safe and reliable voting'
link 113d9e Facebook's next step to AR glasses is smart audio
link b7fffc Facebook’s plan to prevent election misinformation: Allowing it, mostly
link b7ec4f Familial incarceration negatively impacts mental health for African American women
link 9aeb75 Featured Session: Global Technology for Data in the Cloud
link d2e6d1 Feds can’t ask Google for every phone in a 100-meter radius, court says
link 7cba84 Finding cortisone alternatives with fewer side effects
link 80a7ad Finding magnetic eruptions in space with an AI assistant
link 41f696 Finding the right emotional 'match' makes for better business relationships
link e73be1 First modular nuclear reactor design certified in the US
link 8359cb First randomised trial backs safety of common heart drugs in COVID-19 patients
link 1f7e76 First treatment identified for fainting
link 8aa84a Fish invasions follow Panama and Suez canal expansions
link d29029 Fitness trackers, environmental sensors prototyped to improve survival in the lobster supply chain
link 5d0d89 Flash sale: The Samsung Galaxy A51 is just $280 right now (save $120)
link 67d0eb Flipper Zero Blasts Past Funding Goal and Into Our Hearts
link 80b746 Floating a boat on the underside of a liquid
link 754ce0 Floods wreak havoc in Pakistan's financial capital, Karachi
link 6cf8c8 Fog-Free Mask Hack Solves Mask Versus Glasses Conundrum with Superb Seal
link 28bb06 Food-web threats from common insecticides
link 5e92e5 For photocatalysts, standing the test of time means finding a perfect partner
link f2867f For vulnerable families, the pandemic's effect on mental health is swift and harsh
link 1c321a Fortnite players honor Chadwick Boseman at game's new Black Panther statue
link 97fd96 Framed and hanged: How the Indian state persecutes dissent
link 025688 From space and in the air, NASA tracks California's wildfires
link 90ab82 Future cars may live a lot longer, analysts believe
link 83f59f GM and Honda plan extensive alliance to share platforms, engines
link 157593 Galaxy Buds Live stay in my ears better than AirPods, but noise canceling needs some work
link c051ba Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs. Note 9: How to pick between Samsung's older Note devices
link 7411f1 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's new Gorilla Glass is tough, but we still broke it
link 58f8e6 Galaxy Note 20 vs. Note 10 and Note 9: Spec-by-spec comparison
link 2a0517 Galaxy Z Fold 2: 5 new features we love the most so far
link 31b2da Galaxy Z Fold 2: Impressive, but not perfect. Everything good and bad today
link 813644 Galaxy Z Fold 2: Samsung may have fixed everything I hated about last year's model
link cff401 Galaxy Z Fold 2: Samsung's most luxe foldable phone yet
link f2c6ec Galaxy Z Fold 2 is set to impress: Every spec and feature you'll get for $2,000
link 7beaa9 Galaxy Z Fold 2 ongoing review: 5 of the foldable phone's best new features so far
link 9f681c Gamifying interventions may improve mental health
link 5500a2 Garmin Catalyst is an AI racing coach that that literally shows you how to be faster
link 533a9c Gene therapy: Novel targets for congenital blindness
link 52d575 Genetics Steps In to Help Tell the Story of Human Origins
link 6eaae8 Genomic analysis of Shiga-toxin E.coli (STEC) in a child reveals insights on a virulent, emerging foodborne pathogen
link e308d8 Georgians reviving ancient honey-harvesting tradition
link 5bb129 Germany says nerve agent Novichok found in Russia's Navalny
link 9d2ff3 Get LG's OLED CX TV
link 3b3a38 Get the new Amazfit Bip S smartwatch for $56
link 861160 Get these AirPods Pro alternatives for only $42
link cb76f2 Giant leap for molecular measurements
link 4bb24a Give your PC the speaker system it deserves: The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX for $100
link 7dc693 Glacial meltwater lakes have grown by half since the 1990s
link 05e5fc Globalization is reweaving the web of life
link 59216a Go behind the scenes of one of the world’s most advanced genomics labs.
link 7ef710 Google Doodle celebrates Black cartoonist and activist Jackie Ormes
link d74b71 Google Doodle celebrates Jackie Ormes, a groundbreaking Black cartoonist and activist
link 7486a9 Google Maps is rolling out an in-app pay for parking feature
link 6c737f Google Podcasts will personalize your news listening experience
link 09f265 Google Ups Product-Abuse Bug Bounties
link 5e22c0 Google partners with NSF to fund human-AI research initiative
link 746e73 Google proposes campus billed as a new 'neighborhood' in Mountain View
link a394c9 Google's mysterious Android TV device makes an appearance at several major retailers
link ab7f12 Grab a new Roku Streaming Stick+ for $39 today
link 0223d2 Graduate student names new trace fossil discovered during coursework
link c64e13 Graphene additives show a new way to control the structure of organic crystals
link cc8533 'Grave concern': Navalny case alarms chemical weapons agency
link e62649 Gravity wave insights from internet-beaming balloons
link b70867 Great Barrier Reef 'glue' at risk from ocean acidification
link 73a983 Greece, Turkey set for 'technical talks' on Mediterranean tension
link 28279c Greenland ice sheet reached tipping point 20 years ago, new study finds
link 56a65c Guilt by dissociation: Study sheds light on serotonin in autism
link 9a3692 Gut microbiome composition is associated with age and memory performance in pet dogs
link cc761f HBO Max's Raised by Wolves combines Ridley Scott style with creepy robots
link e3608c HEPA Filters Help Prevent Aerosol DNA Contamination
link cd7042 HP Z brings the Power and the Fury (and the Z2 mini PC)
link 144fb2 Hacker Driven to Build R/C Forza Controller
link d1d45e Hackers are exploiting a critical flaw affecting >350,000 WordPress sites
link 81e881 Hamas leader in Lebanon to meet Palestinian factions
link 122bb5 Handgrip strength shown to identify people at high risk of type 2 diabetes
link 8ba899 Has Earth's oxygen rusted the Moon for billions of years?
link 9e72bc Have we just stumbled on the biggest productivity increase of the century?
link 0890ec Hear from Innovator of the Decade Marc Benioff at EmTech MIT
link dec275 Hearing loss in naked mole-rats is an advantage, not a hardship
link cd95cc Heavy TV and computer use impacts children's academic results
link 8f5903 Heavy electronic media use in late childhood linked to lower academic performance
link 2daf75 Helping teens with type 1 diabetes improve diabetes control with MyDiaText
link 902a60 Here's how Google Maps uses AI to predict traffic and calculate routes
link 73000d High levels of toxic flame retardant chemicals found in dust inside college classrooms
link 48338b Hong Kong begins coronavirus mass-testing amid calls for boycott
link f4c093 'Hotspots' of a coronavirus infection in the human body
link 47a2f8 House hunters are rarely told the home energy rating—little wonder the average is as low as 1.8 stars
link c17fc0 How Apple is being deployed across the COVID-19 enterprise
link 3ca697 How Cancer Evades the Immune System
link 412be2 How Groups of Cells Cooperate to Build Organs and Organisms
link 059062 How a New Solar and Lighting Technology Could Propel a Renewable Energy Transformation
link 12c55e How an overload of riot porn is driving conflict in the streets
link 374050 How big is a neutron star?
link 1b96ae How dangerous are burning electric cars?
link c2ebeb How democracies are now ‘backsliding’ in countries from Russia to the United States
link 45964c How do tumor cells divide in the crowd?
link e250a5 How do you weigh a dinosaur? There are two ways, and it turns out they're both right
link 987ba5 How mechanical forces nudge tumors toward malignancy
link e69c51 How regulations meant to increase poor, minority lending ultimately backfire
link 7b6730 How screen time and green time may affect youth psychological outcomes
link 465068 How tadpoles provide insight into pandemics
link 523827 How to capture images of cells at work inside our lungs
link 41968d How to get the upper body of a burrowing frog
link afd13c How to imitate natural spring-loaded snapping movement without losing energy
link ef52c5 How to read coronavirus news and learn what you actually need to know about staying safe in the pandemic
link cec485 How to remove unwanted components from the cell nucleus
link b2d3d5 How to use precision medicine to personalize COVID-19 treatment according to the patient's genes
link 99c653 How to weigh a dinosaur
link 65f668 How we sleep today may forecast when Alzheimer's disease begins
link 49f619 Huawei, OnePlus and beyond: China's biggest smartphone brands you should know about
link 9e9731 Hurricane evacuations and electric cars—here’s what we know
link aa5733 Hybrid nanomaterials hold promise for improved ceramic composites
link e04ca1 Hyundai, Kia recall 640,000 sedans and SUVs for increased fire risk
link 23b05c IBM announces AI based chemistry lab: RoboRXN
link c7002d IFA is the first tech conference to host people since the coronavirus pandemic hit
link 1d0a79 'I am Taiwanese', Czech Speaker Vystrcil tells Taiwan parliament
link f63921 Ideas wanted: Help make the world’s biggest covid-19 symptom database useful
link f49c16 Ignore the CDC, former top health experts say. Some states already have
link 2aa4a6 Impressions from Intel’s Tiger Lake laptop CPU launch event
link 0a43d0 In Lebanon, Macron offers the carrot or the stick
link e1c8fe In Pictures: Anti-goverment protests in Beirut turn violent
link 664c11 In Pictures: Northeast India recalls 'Stalingrad of the East'
link aabe06 In butterfly battle of sexes, males deploy 'chastity belts' but females fight back
link f3347e In his own words: Chadwick Boseman on what Black Panther meant to him
link bffdaf India, China hold talks amid 'volatile' border situation
link 330027 India Parliament panel grills Facebook over anti-Muslim posts
link 76feb2 India bans 100 more Chinese-linked apps, including PUBG and VPN for TikTok
link 3b8b74 India holds college entrance exams despite COVID-19 concerns
link 09797c Indian Prime Minister Modi Twitter account hacked
link febf7d Indian special forces member killed in China border skirmish
link e203fc Indigenous custody reporting made more effective
link 03d0e6 Industrial waste can turn planet-warming carbon dioxide into stone
link 50f752 Inflammation linked to Alzheimer's disease development
link f1b054 Infographic: Anatomical Construction by Cell Collectives
link 468073 Infographic: Dialing Down the Glitz
link 453373 Infographic: Meet Your Ancient Ancestors and Relatives in Africa
link 7fc298 Infographic: South America's Early Prehistory
link 74a8df Insider Attack on the Carnegie Library
link 37a785 Insights into behavior during Chimney Tops 2 Fire could improve evacuation planning
link f1ebb6 Insights into behavior during Chimney Tops 2 fire could improve evacuation planning
link 00911e Intel's Tiger Lake chip delivers a long-awaited laptop speed boost
link a127bf International Criminal Court condemns US sanctions on officials
link 269d99 Investigational COVID-19 vaccine candidate prevents severe clinical disease in animals
link 9d5433 Iran nuclear deal parties meet in Vienna amid US pressure
link 0249d7 Iran's Khamenei says UAE 'betrayed' Muslim world with Israel deal
link fd4565 Is consciousness continuous or discrete? Maybe it's both, argue researchers
link 75db42 It’s Weird Down There
link 0dbbfd It’s not just cars that make pollution. It’s the roads they drive on, too
link 6be634 JBL announces new headphones and Bluetooth speakers for fall
link b77e2e JBL's new headphones and Bluetooth speakers add battery life and wireless charging
link d14254 James Bond movies, ranked, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig
link f38223 James Bond movies: Watch these first ahead of No Time to Die
link ba2c19 James Bond movies ranked: The best and worst of 007
link ce4552 Japan's LDP sets leadership contest rules as candidates position
link 32d415 Jared Kushner visits US airbase as part of Israel-UAE trip
link 2f7d61 Jeep Grand Wagoneer concept: What's old is now new and luxurious
link ef0523 Jeep Grand Wagoneer concept blends old-school luxury with lots of new tech
link 6f805b Jeep Grand Wagoneer returning as $100,000 luxury plug-in hybrid
link 400610 Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer: A brief history
link bdbe04 Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer: Vintage boxy charm
link 2909a0 Jeep will build solar charging stations on trails for the Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid
link d3552d Jeopardy's new season will include Ken Jennings
link ae5d03 Joe Biden launches digital campaign yard signs for Animal Crossing
link 95cb59 Joker Spyware Plagues More Google Play Apps
link 706cc6 Just knock to see your food inside LG's air-fry-equipped range
link f7a3b9 Kabul resumes Taliban prisoner release clearing hurdles for talks
link 3c62a2 Karting Hands-Free
link 10a03a Keeping the beat: It's all in your brain
link fdc5e6 Khmer Rouge prison commander Duch dies at age of 77
link e22acf Kidneys infected with hepatitis C can be safely transplanted into healthy recipients
link a8abb3 LG shows off battery-powered air-purifying face mask at IFA trade show
link 000d97 LG teases new phones that'll tap 'unexplored' experiences
link 4e3eb2 LHC creates matter from light
link b3641b Lab-grown earthquakes reveal the frictional forces acting beneath our feet
link 763863 Last chance to get Hitman and Shadowrun
link 7622ba Latest version of climate system model shows better performance in simulation
link bb84a6 Leader of U.S. vaccine push says he‘ll quit if politics trumps science
link 20c9eb Lebanon: Over 4 tonnes of ammonium nitrate found near Beirut port
link 459f25 Libya's GNA: Haftar allies disrupting municipal elections in east
link 01efff Links among poor sleep, high blood pressure, gut microbiome discovered
link 79a7f9 Linux Fu: Moving /usr
link 2da7c1 Live Webinar: XDR and Beyond
link e5e7a3 Live video dating: Finding love online with an audience
link 1f5ad5 Loggerhead turtles record a passing hurricane
link e84069 Long-Lasting Wound Infections Linked to Microbes and Genetics
link 2dd9be Long sick leave after low-grade brain tumor
link d2fa2b Looser standards for showerheads could send a lot of water and money down the drain
link daf9c7 Lucid Air does quarter-mile in under 10 seconds
link f9f522 Lucid Air electric car may out-drag a Dodge Challenger Demon
link 5d63fc Lukashenko to Russian PM: 'There was no poisoning of Navalny'
link 60072d MSI branches out from gaming with Summit work laptops
link d62616 Mac malware gets Apple’s seal of approval, thanks to notarization goof
link 867c16 Macron backs Iraq 'sovereignty' on first Baghdad visit
link f32466 Magecart Credit-Card Skimmer Adds Telegram as C2 Channel
link e0c131 Magento Sites Vulnerable to RCE Stemming From Magmi Plugin Flaws
link 1439a8 Making (per)waves: Space study could improve future fuels
link 821474 Making Space: The Female Frontier spotlights the women who shaped space exploration
link 123b5b Making more of methane
link ab13e7 Managing data flow boosts cyber-physical system performance
link e69d34 Many forests scorched by wildfire won't bounce back
link f99a19 Mapping the 3-D geometry of SARS-CoV-2's genome
link f82e31 Marilyn Raphael takes helm at UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
link 844f29 Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit turns your house into a digital race track
link 164cd1 Markey defeats Kennedy III in Massachusetts' Senate primary
link 00c053 Marvel's Avengers early impressions: Kamala Khan is the hero this game needs
link b31532 Massive fraud investigation targets prominent Brazilian health researcher
link ec1575 Massive release of methane gas from the seafloor discovered for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere
link f20bff Mastodons took frequent trips north when climate changed
link 9e21e3 McDonald's: Despite what you've heard, our burgers decompose
link cf5d58 Measuring adhesion and friction of polymer nanofibers
link aa8f03 Meet GW190521—a black-hole merger for the record books
link 29756c Megafire does not deter Yosemite's spotted owls
link 69fc03 Melania Trump reportedly used private email, messaging apps from White House
link efdae3 Memory in a metal, enabled by quantum geometry
link 32e8a6 Mercedes-Benz S-Class plug-in hybrid: Swanky and frugal
link 99104b Mercedes-Benz S-Class plug-in hybrid follows standard sedan next year
link 79b1be Messi's Barcelona future 'difficult', says footballer's father
link 041ede Mexico's 'Teflon' presidency loses some sheen but survives
link f48c4b Microbial genetics: A protean pathogen
link c96c21 Microsoft Patch Alert: August 2020
link 4d5ae6 Microsoft is fighting deepfakes ahead of the 2020 US election
link 1836b6 Microsoft releases the “optional, non-security, C/D/E Week” patch for Win10 version 2004
link a321dc Microsoft salaries
link 1ddf16 Microsoft's new tech spots deepfakes to fight disinformation ahead of 2020 US election
link 9cb993 Middleweight black holes finally found but they pose a puzzle
link 0c5212 Miniature antenna enables robotic teaming in complex environments
link e1b9b0 Mining for renewable energy could be another threat to the environment
link 54e75e Mite extinctions are occurring at least 1,000 times the 'natural' rate
link 735282 Monitoring and reporting framework to protect World Heritage Sites from invasive species
link 047e76 More nutrient reduction still needed to save lakes in China
link fbd306 Motorola One 5G costs less than $500 and will have you saying 'iPhone SE who?'
link fd2b13 Move over, Baby Yoda. 700-year-old Yoda is here
link fd4fcb Mulan: Meet the women bringing Disney's 2020 live-action remake to life
link 0df22c Mulan review: Disney Plus' premium debut is timely and moving, even without the songs
link 77b9e5 Mulan review: Disney's 2020 live-action remake a timely, moving take
link 818988 NASA-NOAA satellite catches Hurricane Nana making landfall under cover of night
link 4dfa17 NASA-NOAA satellite provides a nighttime view of new Atlantic tropical depression
link 4f65de NASA-NOAA satellite tracking Typhoon Maysak's approach to landfall
link bdb1d5 NASA Curiosity rover captures one heck of a dust devil on Mars
link 2c0698 NASA analyzes typhoon Haishen's water vapor concentration
link 5411b7 NASA catches formation of Atlantic's record-breaking 15th tropical storm
link 88c12c NASA data shows glacial lakes swelling 50% due to climate change
link 351e27 NASA eyes typhoon Haishen's 10 mile-wide eye
link d638cf NASA finds Maysak becoming extra-tropical
link 0c1919 NASA finds new Tropical Storm Nana strengthening in the Caribbean
link d76bf3 NASA puzzles over mysterious Mars ridges billions of years in the making
link b284cb NASA tests a booster that produces 3 million pounds of thrust
link 36eb10 NASA's Terra Satellite provides clear picture of wind shear battering Omar
link 6aa88e NBA playoffs: How to watch Celtics vs. Raptors, Jazz vs. Nuggets today
link a475a7 NBA playoffs: How to watch Heat vs. Bucks, Thunder vs. Rockets today
link 02cc4b NFL 2020: What we know about the upcoming season, who's out and how to watch all the action
link 231f27 NSA Mass Surveillance Program Illegal, U.S. Court Rules
link 166c5e NSA spying exposed by Snowden was illegal and not very useful, court says
link 8b6a4e NYC delays start of school year to allow more preparation time
link cc8740 Nanomaterials— short polymers, big impact
link 6f6cbe Nanoparticle-based computing architecture for nanoparticle neural networks
link 1a2627 Nanoscale engines far colder than even deepest outer space
link 331f21 National Institutes of Health disses FDA on plasma as COVID treatment
link 75650e Natural pest control saving billions
link 69889c Nature conservation policy rarely changes people's behavior
link 2d80a3 Nature's soundtrack returns after centurylong absence
link c5321c Near-optimal chip-based photon source developed for quantum computing
link 9f611e Neglected for over a century, Black sea spider crab re-described
link 5ee0ab Nepal police break up religious rally amid coronavirus surge
link 66c7df Neuralink put a chip in Gertrude the pig's brain. It might be useful one day
link 6b52a0 Neuralink’s New Brain Implant: the Hype vs. the Science
link 122f51 New Book! The Best of TaoSecurity Blog, Volume 2
link 135abd New Drug Combo for ALS Slows Decline in Small Clinical Study
link fe5578 New Nissan Z surprises with reveal set this month
link 89d99d New Nissan Z's rear evokes the 240Z in new teaser
link 9a9655 New No Time To Die trailer showcases everything you’d expect in a Bond film
link b0fda6 New RNA-Based Tool Could Assess Preeclampsia Risk
link 35a129 New anode material could lead to safer fast-charging batteries
link ec9894 New approach can improve monitoring of contaminants in groundwater
link 173555 New bacteria and algae process could help decarbonize UK military
link 7e9e72 New computational tool enables prediction of key functional sites in proteins based on structure
link 48487d New dating of Nebra sky disk
link 680bf7 New feline vaccination guidelines
link edee8d New index helps forecast US supply chain risks
link 14fbb2 New mathematical method shows how climate change led to fall of ancient civilization
link 889ec4 New method of detecting illnesses including coronavirus and cystic fibrosis
link 5b0efe New movie calendar for 2020 and 2021 following coronavirus delays
link 923735 New observations show planet-forming disc torn apart by its three central stars
link 74bea2 New report details Apple’s plan for iPhones (and other gadgets) this year
link b3d4c3 New research provides solution for the 'Dust Bowl paradox'
link 5cd3fb New research reveals these 20 Australian reptiles are set to disappear by 2040
link f1f4fe New research shows lyrebirds move more litter and soil than any other digging animal
link 4d419e New sources for rare metals vital in modern technology
link 440db0 New species of freshwater Crustacea found in the hottest place on earth
link be528a New species of freshwater crustacea found in the hottest place on Earth
link 3aea6e New study on migration success reinforces need for monarch butterfly milkweed habitat
link 192bed New study reveals migratory habits of teenage green turtles
link 2f76be New study shows birds can learn from others to be more daring
link 7504f0 New test can detect crown-of-thorns starfish as quickly as a home pregnancy kit
link dc13c3 New treatment for drug-resistant bacterial infections
link 378f20 New understanding of electrolyte additives will improve dye-sensitized solar cells
link 80f557 Newly identified gene grants tomatoes resistance to bacterial speck disease
link 454722 Nike for chicken: Bartering soars in coronavirus-hit Philippines
link 50530a Nintendo reveals Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection for Switch, out Sept. 18
link 9ca0f0 No, Microsoft has not made 825,000 carbon-neutral Xbox Series X consoles
link 004423 No, the CDC Has Not "Quietly Updated" COVID-19 Death Estimates
link e5be88 No Time to Die trailer builds James Bond hype back up
link 09e79d North Korea ATM Hack
link 6905f0 Northumbria University hit by cyber attack
link adc95d Notice me! Neglected for over a century, Black Sea spider crab re-described
link 6981db Novel insights of how prostate cancer causes secondary tumors
link 1cee60 Novel technology for the selection of single photosynthetic cells
link 67c640 Now in Government Food Aid Boxes: A Letter From Donald Trump
link cee670 Now you can get a Land Rover restomod with a Tesla electric powertrain
link 67b7c9 Nvidia launches GeForce RTX 3090, 3080 and 3070 with Ampere
link 73a540 Obesity may alter immune system response to COVID-19
link 7f7a64 Old males vital to elephant societies
link 6bf5d9 Oldest radiocarbon dated temperate hardwood tree in the world discovered in southern Italy
link d7da70 One quarter of prescription drugs in Canada may be in short supply
link 6bdcfe Online voting company pushes to make it harder for researchers to find security flaws
link 876cab Only one in 10 medical treatments are backed by high-quality evidence
link 0ff9fc Open access resource provides most comprehensive library for biological protein interactions
link ac2116 Operation Outbreak simulation teaches students how pandemics spread
link 81c3bc Opinion: Why a UK 'cycling and walking revolution' won't reduce car travel
link 9e999b Opinion: Zoology’s Racism Problem
link 7d7cbb Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Calls for Audit After Our Reporting on a State Institute That Lobbied for the Timber Industry
link e4de93 Origin of a complex life form revealed
link 202b3e Our world has hit an inflection point
link 765166 P-Valley creator Katori Hall explains why Tina Turner hates her song What's Love Got to Do with It
link c7157e Pakistan's PM: Our economic future is now linked to China
link 3c7161 Panasonic Dolby Atmos gaming soundbar lets you blast Fortnite, Final Fantasy
link c986cc Panasonic Lumix S5 $2,000 full-frame mirrorless leans toward video
link c824c5 Pandemic accelerated remote work, a trend likely to remain
link 750ba1 Panic attack signs, and what to do if you have one
link bf3925 Paper ballots, risk-limiting audits can help defend elections and democracy, study finds
link 93568d Parasitic plants attack crops when defending themselves from microbes
link 8248e1 Parasitic worms found in medieval human remains hold secret for eradicating them today
link 3115a3 Patch Lady – 13.7 adds covid notifications
link 80cd56 Pause Your Tunes When it is Time to Listen Up!
link 759869 Peculiar planetary system architecture around three Orion stars explained
link 33d145 Pelosi faces criticism in salon face mask controversy
link df2287 Perfect Photographs For PCB Reverse Engineering
link 7be3d0 Personal support workers are the backbone of health care but the bottom of the power structure
link 506b3f Pharma aims to make a better CBD
link 4d1d32 Physicists nudge atoms within less than a trillionth of a second
link d6e89e Pick up The Last of Us Part II for $10 off—or take $30 off a used copy
link 1ba524 Pioneer Kitten APT Sells Corporate Network Access
link 877e09 Plant pathogens reorder physical structures of effectors to escape plant recognition
link 513766 Plasmin could be the link between COVID-19 comorbidities and serious illness
link 5052e4 PlayStation Essentials Sale: 7 discounted PS4 games to buy now
link 68bd68 Podcast: How a 135-year-old law lets India shutdown the internet
link 290416 Poisoning of Putin opponent renews spotlight on deadly Russian chemical weapon
link 736ab0 Policymakers should pre-plan for earthquake cordon use
link eb43a1 Political ads have little persuasive power, study finds
link b8390e Political ads have little persuasive power: study
link b24316 Possible blood-clotting mechanism in COVID-19 found
link f96cb5 Potential Contenders For Battery Supremacy
link 1e5a4d Pre-election vaccination plans by CDC heighten fears of political meddling
link 029193 Preventing Analyte Adsorption During Filtration
link 72274e ProPublica and Parnters Nominated for Five ONA Awards
link 7dbb3c Probing the origin of the mantle's chemically distinct 'scars'
link b5f65d Progressive incumbent faces off with Kennedy in US Senate primary
link 7fb658 Protests in Washington after police fatally shoot 18-year-old
link 387648 Python-based Spy RAT Emerges to Target FinTech
link bb1a23 Q&A: Researchers set out to clear the seabed of plastic
link 12ae9e Qualcomm, PC partners take on Apple with new 8cx Gen 2 5G laptop chip
link e2c942 Qualcomm will bring 5G to $125 phones from Motorola, Oppo, Xiaomi next year
link c65fac Qualcomm's stealth software upgrade may make your next noise-canceling headphones a lot better
link f042f5 Radiocarbon dating and CT scans reveal Bronze Age tradition of keeping human remains
link 2651f6 Radiologists find chest X-rays highly predictive of COVID-19
link eed8d6 Ram ProMaster van gets a load of new safety tech for 2021
link eb7d0b Record-setting rain and heat? This is the new normal
link c5c38d Record CO2 emissions for Arctic wildfires: EU
link 10a00a Red fox displaces Arctic fox thanks to littering
link 5673f1 Reef manta rays make long-term use of marine-protected areas
link 629091 Regional variations in freshwater overconsumption
link 3533d7 Remote working is here to stay – but that doesn't mean the end of offices or city centres
link 3d0ebe Renewable energy can save the natural world, but if we're not careful, it will also hurt it
link d24c54 Repetition and rupture
link 104326 Reporting Recipe: How to Report on Voting by Mail
link 916671 Researcher proposes universal mechanism for ejection of matter by black holes
link 910b4d Researchers analyze safety of industrial hemp as cattle feed
link 0995ec Researchers develop dual-excitation decoding strategy for high-accuracy thermal sensing
link 9a4df9 Researchers develop low-cost, drop-on-demand printing technique
link bde218 Researchers develop new chip design for analyzing plant-microbe interactions
link 4636fe Researchers identify five types of cat owner
link 6cbd12 Researchers identify proteins that prevent COVID-19 transmission through the placenta
link 6baede Researchers investigate applications of magnetic sensors in the automotive and medical sectors
link 1c6e42 Researchers manipulate two bits in one atom
link 6eabb5 Researchers predict location of novel candidate for mysterious dark energy
link 84e730 Researchers study how weather news impacts public transit ridership
link a36b14 Researchers track groundwater discharges into salt ponds
link e115fd Researchers warn of food-web threats from common insecticides
link 2c2a47 Resource sharing affects mortality worldwide
link 66776e Responding to pressure, Apple requests developer feedback
link 2dc59b Rest days are important for fitness – here's why, according to science
link 036510 Retest for COVID-19 4-plus weeks after symptoms first appear to curb infection risk, say researchers
link 4a4c4a Retrocomputing Spray Paints: Amiga Beige, Commodore, and ATARI Grey
link b493d5 Reviewing research about the evolution of complex cognition in birds
link cd9f3c Revolutionary quantum breakthrough paves way for safer online communication
link ecdb46 Risk factors for mortality in diabetic patients discharged from hospital identified
link 4ad3ec Robert Downey Jr. insists he's done with Marvel and Iron Man, but...
link c82322 Robert Pattinson diagnosed with COVID, pausing production on The Batman, report says
link 84c550 Robert Pattinson diagnosed with COVID, pausing production on The Batman, says report
link 0ffcae Safe thresholds for antibiotics in sewage needed to help combat antibiotic resistance
link b024e2 Samsung, LG experiment with virtual demo rooms of the future amid IFA conference
link f56bba Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 has 2 whole weeks of battery life
link 754b73 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 coming Sept. 18, starting at $649
link f3b8ab Samsung The Premiere 4K laser smart projector puts out 130-inch picture
link 1a89e4 Samsung Unpacked Part 2: Everything announced, Galaxy Z Fold 2 launch and more
link b2dd81 Samsung has a new 5G 2-in-1 laptop with 11th-gen Intel Core processors
link 42fed4 Samsung unveils Galaxy A42 5G phone, Tab A7 and Trio wireless charging station
link b95084 Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G costs $2,000
link ff2947 Samsung's The Premiere 4K ultra-short-throw laser projector goes up to 130 inches
link 6b60df Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 is official: It’s $2,000 and ships 9/18
link 800451 Satellite mega-constellations risk ruining astronomy forever
link ffdd72 Saudi king sacks commander of Yemen forces over corruption claims
link 2471a9 Science and Policy Collide During the Pandemic
link b8f6d8 Science and steely nerves spared Houston from a nightmare hurricane evacuation
link d7e5fd Scientists capture rare footage of mother skink fighting a deadly brown snake to protect her babies
link b22b39 Scientists discover earliest fossil evidence of an insect lichen mimic
link 86fa02 Scientists discover new rules about 'runaway' transcription
link 52d227 Scientists find new way to measure important beam property
link 800867 Scientists identify promising new ALS drug candidates
link b9076e Scientists name 20 Australian snakes and lizards on path to extinction
link 2d00fa Scientists shed light on how praying mantises use the element of surprise to survive
link 286b65 Scientists shed new light on pollen tube growth in plants
link 6e1a6e Scientists show how brain flexibility emerges in infants
link 75faa9 Scientists unlock crops' power to resist floods
link 482df0 Scientists use two powerful immunotherapies to eradicate solid tumors
link 826276 Scientists work out just how massive megalodon sharks really were
link 17b82d Scriptures rarely a significant motivating factor behind violence, say researchers
link 30d12d Seaport expansion costs will greatly exceed sea-level rise adaption costs through 2050
link 416ffc Security forces tear gas anti-gov't protesters on centennial
link e974a6 Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless review: New premium earbuds sound great but are a bit chunky
link 7fc52c Sent Home to Die
link cdb93f September 2020 Interactive Crossword Puzzle
link c100db September 2020 Office non-Security Updates are now available
link 76a818 Severe COVID-19 despite or even due to the strong immunity
link 0d5d65 Shaping Up
link ef938f Shedding light on split-second decision making
link 941530 Sheep farmers could profit by shifting to forest, research shows
link 080a88 Shrinkage rate of Aral Sea is slowing, study finds
link 6e9129 Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu breaks out the lightsabers
link 911343 Singing Dogs, Once Thought Extinct, Found in the Wild
link d28c29 Small fish populations accumulate harmful mutations that shorten lifespan
link c2ba22 So far, Galaxy Z Fold 2 is making a good case for itself
link 7050b9 Social experiences impact zebrafish from an early age
link 07f241 Solar telescope GREGOR unveils magnetic details of the sun
link 860660 South Africa healthcare workers protest, threaten strike
link 91c2b4 SpaceX, Charter, Verizon among 500 ISPs competing for FCC broadband funds
link f3339e SpaceX: Starlink already 'fast enough to stream multiple HD movies at once'
link 14f376 SpaceX Starlink: How to watch Falcon 9 launch next batch of satellites
link a68fb1 SpaceX Starlink: How to watch Falcon 9 launch next batch of satellites Thursday
link 681f29 SpaceX Starlink mega-constellation grows again with latest Falcon 9 launch
link 409ad2 SpaceX gets Starship rocket closer to Mars with another successful hop
link 2dee0b SpaceX hopes to 'hop' another Starship prototype today
link 80937a SpaceX hops a full-scale Starship prototype for the second time
link c8e0e9 SpaceX launches 12th Starlink mission, says users getting 100Mbps downloads
link 393c1f SpaceX targets another Starlink launch Thursday to continue record pace
link 017d3c Spin-galvanic effect in graphene with topological topping demonstrated
link 0a6c0b Stable supply of electrochromic metallo-supramolecular polymer
link c36bba Staged Train Wrecks: An Idea That Ran Out of Steam
link 420b9d 'Staggering crisis': 7,000 health workers have died of COVID-19
link d47d26 Start here to make a protein: Structure of mRNA initiation complex could give insight into cancer and other diseases
link 900ecd Steroid Drugs Are an Effective Treatment for Severe COVID-19: WHO
link a5fd1c Stream or Skip? A Synthetic Biologist’s Review of ‘Biohackers’ on Netflix
link c6768c Striking sunspot looks like a Star Wars sarlacc pit in telescope image
link 6bcf45 Strong fields and ultrafast motions: How to generate and steer electrons in liquid water
link 7b689f Strong fields and ultrafast motions—how to generate and steer electrons in liquid water
link f9bf2b Structure of mRNA initiation complex could give insight into cancer and other diseases
link 77b398 Study Tracks Geographical Gene Flow and Ancestry in the US
link 2a6a80 Study details how general anesthetics and 'benzos' act on receptors in the brain
link 57f294 Study examines the benefits of virtual stroke rehabilitation programs
link e4ed7f Study finds gene targets to combat microorganisms binding to underwater surfaces
link 6ed2b2 Study identifies effective linguistic styles for restaurant crowdfunding
link bb86e2 Study reveals RNA G-quadruplex structures in nature for the first time
link 4c711f Study reveals lactose tolerance happened quickly in Europe
link b108b5 Study sheds light on brain mechanism activated by uncertainty
link 7e182f Study shows positive impact of retaking the SAT on college enrollment outcomes
link f8b430 Study tracks human milk nutrients in infant microbiome
link 3a2a95 Subtypes and developmental pathways of innate T cells identified
link 151b85 Super Mario 3D All-Stars brings three high-res ports to Switch
link 825cf3 Suspected accomplices of Charlie Hebdo attackers go on trial
link 224e69 Swedish workers among Europe's best-paid in late 1800s
link 435d9d T-Mobile adds 81 cities to mid-band 5G network
link 4960bf T-Mobile's Project 10Million, launching Thursday, aims to end the homework gap
link c26f3d TCL launches 2 new tablets, a smartwatch and the world's first 'zero eye strain' display
link 397ec5 TCL unveils fresh tablets, smartwatch for older people at IFA 2020
link af2633 Taking stock of salmon survival, dams and science
link 39b2fa Team engineers new treatment for drug-resistant bacterial infections
link 487572 Tear gas should be banned, researchers find; here's why
link a0ea5c Teens who think their parents are loving are less likely to be cyberbullies
link 0f087c Ten Minute Sabbatical
link e90f0b Tenet review: Christopher Nolan turns back the clock to Inception
link a9d0df Tenet review: Christopher Nolan's new time-twister missing that wow factor
link 7fa8ab Tenet review: Christopher Nolan's new time-twisting adventure isn't his best
link 13474a Tesla Autopilot now alerts drivers to green lights
link 42fc59 Tesla Battery Day: Everything we know about Elon Musk's upcoming event
link 6f428e Tesla announces $5B capital raise as stock roars
link a3736e Tesla ramps up interest in electricity utility business
link d9c80a Tesla will cash in on surging stock price with $5 billion stock sale
link dd6c24 Test
link 8a547d Thai king restores titles to once-disgraced royal consort
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link 1775f5 The Division is free until Sept. 7 for Ubisoft Uplay members
link d52acf The Division is free until September 7th for Ubisoft Uplay members
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link e74568 The Gene that Makes Female Birds Drab
link fdf6fb The Hurricanes are Coming
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link 224749 The Mandalorian season 2: Everything we know about Baby Yoda's Oct. 30 return
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link 1a9461 The Trump Administration Is Backing Out of a $647 Million Ventilator Deal After ProPublica Investigated the Price
link fc7f71 The US military took a big step toward a future space network this week
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link c4e916 The widespread footprint of blue jean microfibers
link 3861e2 The wilds of one Lake Ontario bay reveal how coastal habitats suffer from changing climate, human choices
link 8029bb The “staged rollout” of gene-modified babies could start with sickle-cell disease
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link ca77d6 Thursday's best deals: $249 Chromebook, $35 outdoor speaker, $21 webcam and more
link e8d871 Tiger King Joe Exotic's face now appears on a cheeky line of underwear
link 45e48e TikTok ads have pushed scams about apps, diet pills, other products, report says
link 853723 TikTok sale could be announced soon, report says
link 6b3086 TikTok stakeholder is fielding bids for assets in India, per report
link b337b4 TikTok stakeholder is organizing bids for assets in India, report says
link 246051 TinySA is a $49 Spectrum Analyzer
link 9aa4d3 Tiny biological package gets drug right to the 'heart' of transplant rejection
link eef042 To make a better sensor, just add noise
link d29b6c Top kid toys 2020: Cool toys for girls and boys
link c567ff Top web browsers 2020: Firefox, IE, Chrome all fall
link ae56ef Toward COVID-19 Testing Any Time, Anywhere
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link 2d6fad Trailer for Netflix series on Challenger explosion takes emotional look back
link b8061c Treatment for canine ocular condition using turmeric
link 14f0b7 Triple-Threat Cryptocurrency RAT Mines, Steals and Harvests
link 6b6709 Tropical Storm Omar just broke an Atlantic hurricane-season record
link 9d1ecc True size of prehistoric mega-shark finally revealed
link 772f62 Trump admin. shuns global COVID-19 vaccine program, citing beef with WHO
link c4f3f6 Trump administration finalizes coal plant pollution rollback
link cb5293 Trump adviser reportedly wants to let COVID-19 spread, repeat Sweden’s mistakes
link 4f7e58 Trump ban on Chinese drone parts risks worsening wildfires
link 45c5e3 Trump denies systemic racism, pushes 'law and order' in Kenosha
link 9466a7 Trump encourages US citizens to illegally vote twice
link 830f25 Trump heads to Kenosha, Wisconsin despite local officials' pleas
link 5a6549 Trump rows back on comments suggesting Americans vote twice
link 598827 Tunisian Parliament approves third government in less than a year
link 276b8c Twitter confirms India PM Modi's personal website account hacked
link b32b7e Twitter flags Trump's tweets for 'encouraging people to potentially vote twice'
link a128fb Twitter hack: Another teenager may have played a 'significant role,' report says
link 131558 Twitter wants to help you understand the 'why' behind trends
link 597a59 Two Koreas on high alert as typhoon approaches peninsula
link b96ebc U.S. Agencies Must Adopt Vulnerability-Disclosure Policies by March 2021
link 762ba7 U.S. Voter Databases Offered for Free on Dark Web, Report
link f83228 US partially lifts decades-old arms embargo on Cyprus
link 55cea5 US says it will not join global effort to find COVID-19 vaccine
link 1fa5fc US says it will not pay WHO fees in coronavirus spat: Live news
link d229bd US steps up support for Taiwan to counter rising China pressure
link 7ca40b US unemployment data fail to capture COVID-19's full impact – here's how to fix it fast
link 5b4718 US will not pay remaining dues to WHO after Trump pulls out
link 49be06 Uber creates policies to protect parents, caregivers stuck at home during COVID-19
link 343d93 Uber makes parent, caregiver flexibility official policy as coronavirus rages
link c696d1 Uber may now require passengers to take a mask selfie before rides
link b185dc Uncovering the acoustical properties of Stonehenge
link eb4690 Uncovering the hidden life of 'dead' coral reefs
link db0691 Unmanned aerial vehicles help wheat breeders
link 8366e8 Using low code platforms to learn development skills
link 555ce2 Using tattoo ink to find cancer
link 61a444 Value-added tax cuts do not increase consumer purchasing power
link abb9a6 Vanmoof's S3 e-bike is perfect for city life
link eee5e3 Vega rocket launches from French Guiana
link a832c1 Venom from honeybees found to kill aggressive breast cancer cells
link 09e9ea Verizon and Dish score big in midband 5G wireless auction
link 64147c Verizon engineers are working to secure its 5G network
link 376e9c Verizon reveals quantum networking trials
link 9adeef Virus in the blood can predict severe COVID-19, researchers find
link 508e2a Viruses could be harder to kill after adapting to warm environments
link 43d83f Viruses on glaciers highlight evolutionary mechanism to overcome host defenses
link 1ed91b Volvo P1800 Cyan brings lots of joy
link ca79e0 Walmart+ takes aim at Amazon Prime, launches September 15
link 8642e7 Walmart Plus takes on Amazon Prime with $98-a-year membership fee
link 3c508d Walmart Plus targets Amazon Prime with cheaper $98 membership fee
link 20b32b Walmart introduces Walmart Plus, a new membership program for $98 a year
link 66b81f Want an Uber? Send a selfie proving you are wearing a mask
link bf3a03 Want to learn Python? We found 5 online coding courses for beginners
link 801fa9 Warmer, acidifying ocean brings extinction for reef-building corals, renewal for relatives
link 03bff7 Warships join fight to put out blaze on oil tanker off Sri Lanka
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link 8d225b Watch NASA melt sand with a fiery Artemis moon-mission rocket booster test
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link e93d39 Weapons not used by U.K. officers in majority of police incidents involving force, data suggests
link 1f5736 Wearable, portable invention offers options for treating antibiotic-resistant infections
link 65926e Weekly injection could treat type 2 diabetes, new enzyme discovery suggests
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link 881c27 Will the new 15-minute COVID-19 test solve US testing problems?
link 555431 Windows by the numbers: No dog days for Windows 10
link d5adb6 World’s Only Flying Twin Mustang Goes On Sale
link 5d237e YouTube TV adds NFL Network, option for RedZone as NFL season nears
link 7fc3ac Your Guide to the Many Meanings of Quantum Mechanics
link 2ccfe9 Your paper notebook could become your next tablet
link 499633 ZTE Axon 20 5G has an under-display camera: Buh-bye, notches and hole punches
link 4be575 ZTE announces the world’s first phone with a behind-the-screen camera
link a01df0 ZTE's Axon 20 5G phone has a camera under the display
link 9881d9 Zimbabwe: Foreign white farmers can apply to get seized land back
link e8d26e Zimbabwe finds 10 more dead elephants, suspects bacteria
link d78c30 Zoom is taking over your Alexa, Google Assistant and Portal displays next
link 266388 Zoom profits double as revenues skyrocket
link cbdc63 Zooming in on dark matter
link 97ef48 iOS 13.7 adds built-in COVID-19 exposure notifications and more
link e57bdf “A Guy in a Jet Pack” Reported Flying Next to Aircraft Near LAX
link 7949d3 “Stonehenge Lego” scale model reveals the pagan monument’s unique soundscape
link fa73bd “This is the day”: Disney+ announces The Mandalorian season 2 premiere date

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