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link id title
link 582b7e Reg man 0: Japanese electronic toilet 1
link 3cd895 USS Zumwalt gets Panama tug job after yet another breakdown
link 1747f2 $250 game consoles, $700 HTC Vive, and more Black Friday gaming deals
link 6ca09f 11 tweets that make movies squeaky clean: #GiveAMovieGoodHygiene
link 6af8b5 20% off the Amazon Echo Dot, Now Through November 28th
link 14ea58 2016. AI boffins picked a hell of a year to train a neural net by making it watch the news
link 24ea76 38% off X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless
link af60f2 48% off Satechi Portable Rechargeable Smartphone Speaker Stand
link 9dcf9a AI Machine Attempts to Understand Comic Books ... and Fails
link 758996 AWS is cutting and simplifying its storage prices
link 6b68e4 AWS to launch Aurora service for PostgreSQL at re:Invent – report
link 750a6b A closer look at HPE's 'Machine': Bring the compute to the data
link 45ef37 A hard winter: Afghan refugees return from Pakistan
link 3514d1 A new perovskite could lead the next generation of data storage
link 198b5f A practical guide to securing macOS
link a31744 Able Health (W16) is hiring a data engineer to lead our healthcare data pipeline
link 29a6bc Accelerating Eulerian Fluid Simulation with Convolutional Networks by Google
link 2f3f6b Add-ons in 2017
link 7827e0 After Scott Kelly’s flight, NASA plans five more one-year missions
link 8e45ab 'Alien: Covenant' will be unleashed three months early
link b46e3e Ames Laboratory scientists create first intermetallic double salt with platinum
link 10d2a8 An ancient Chinese bird kept its feathers, and colors, for 130M years
link 5ad2a6 Antarctic explorers help make discovery – 100 years after their epic adventures
link 87f9dc Appeals court: It doesn’t matter how wanted man was found, even if via stingray
link b0eb03 Arab-Kurd tensions simmer in shadow of Mosul campaign
link dcf9c2 Are You Too Old to Be Brilliant?
link b32724 Artificial Spinal Cord Wirelessly Restores Walking in Paralyzed Monkeys
link 70661c Ask HN: What free/low-cost static site hosting do you use most?
link 2d4eb0 Ask HN: Why aren't websites adopting client certs in lieu of passwords?
link 71dd3d Ask HN: Why should I use Django?
link d503b4 Attackers use ancient zero-day to pop Asian banks, govts
link 353ce4 Authenticity in the Age of the Fake
link 080684 Aviation enhancements, better biosensors could result from new sensor technology
link 8caae1 BREAKING: Blast near governor office in Turkey's Adana
link 46dd1c Be Very Skeptical of Stolen Election Claims
link 23260a Bentley already issues recall for brand new Bentayga SUV
link 8b5abd Best Black Friday deals for cord cutters
link 4a249c Best Black Friday deals from Newegg
link a9aa50 'Best Use Of A Farm Animal' is an actual category for an actual award
link bfbc5a Beyond business: Disgraced Theranos bloodied family, friends, neighbors
link cf3268 Big Music goes mad for chat bots and AI
link cfd3d1 BillForward (YC S14) Is Hiring Engineers (Full Time Only) – London
link d1225d Black Friday at the PlayStation Store starts now
link 120750 Black Friday deals on cameras and drones
link ac1416 Black Mirror San Junipero episode gets an official soundtrack
link 02abdc Bletchley Park: 'Codebreakers school' planned for site
link 74d282 Blizzard is working on a new first-person game
link e4fca8 Bobby Prince (Composer of Doom, Duke Nukem Soundtrack) Medical Fund
link ce67c1 Breitbart news site blocked by ad exchange
link 3dbdce British ISPs may be forced to block porn sites that don’t do age checks
link 00eef8 Bruce Schneier: 'The Internet Era of Fun and Games Is Over'
link e47bc1 Bull Sequana by Atos Enters the TOP500 Most Powerful Supercomputers in the World
link 6af9e9 CERT tells Microsoft to keep EMET alive because it's better than Win 10's own security
link 549097 COMPAMED 2016 connected medical devices and people
link eb694c Cambodian court upholds sentences of Khmer Rouge chiefs
link 33b8fe Canva: The poster child of DIY graphic design
link e9c417 Care to join a Win7 snooping test?
link 8d4da6 Cash Ban the Best Thing to Happen to Indian Digital Payments
link 28bba3 Charity: A third of minors missing after Calais closure
link 7c6e84 Cheap TV deals of Black Friday 2016 (plus our favorite picks)
link 649064 China breaks patent application record
link dd4042 China power-plant accident kills at least 40
link 1d8583 China's LingLong launches DingDong smart home speaker
link e8d8a2 China’s Firms Strive to Gain a Foothold in U.S. Venture Capital
link 7658a3 China’s University of Science and Technology Team Sweeps SC16 Student Cluster Competition
link 56ce00 Chinese Research Team That Employs HPC to Understand Weather Patterns Wins 2016 ACM Gordon Bell Prize
link 92b92d Chinese rights activist Jiang Tianyong missing
link 529abe Cholesterol an Important Piece of the Puzzle for Fat-Burning
link 432f55 Christmas comes early: Mazda MX-5 RF is two months ahead of schedule
link 76076a Clinton's lead in the popular vote surpasses 2M
link 99af3f Colombia and FARC to sign peace deal 2.0
link befbec Colombians divided on FARC peace deal
link 1d0647 Colorful clones: Researchers track development and behavior of individual blood stem cells
link 3ffe5f Comcast is the honey badger of ISPS – injects pop-ups into browsers, doesn't give a fsck
link b1afe4 CompSci Prof raises ballot hacking fears over strange pro-Trump voting patterns
link 0fac78 CompSci boffins offer new bug-rating system to get you home on time
link b0f97f Compiled list of Sci Papers found in Java source code
link bd3271 Compressed Air Storage for Industrial Applications
link 6128f5 Computer scientists urge Clinton campaign to challenge election results
link ed8d72 Computerworld's holiday gift guide 2016: Nifty tech for $35 to $150
link 7eebb3 Consciousness is a recurrent neural network
link 1f2e5d Credit cards ripped from Madison Square Garden venues in year-long op
link 003196 Curl Security Audit
link cda56a Dalai Lama has 'no worries' about Trump presidency
link a9667c Death toll rises after “thunderstorm asthma” outbreak strikes Australia
link 6ffab9 Debug React Component Performance with ES7 Annotations
link a7d9e6 Decrypted: I Think We’ve Got Westworld All Figured Out Now
link a4bb28 Deliver-oops! Takeaway pusher's customers burger-ed by hijackers
link b28ffe Deliveroo customers billed for unordered food
link b4cd99 Dell EMC's Pure-crushing benchmarks are flawed, says, er, Pure
link 5cbed9 Demo may have frozen, but narrowband IoT stew is still piping hot
link 53632c Displaced refugees fear more loss as Lake Chad shrinks
link 78c78e DoD Opens .Mil to Legal Hacking, Within Limits
link 208c0a Donald Trump as a monkey wrench
link b63251 Donald Trump taps Governor Nikki Haley for UN envoy
link d0425c Don't fear the AI uprising: This robot can't even pass exams
link c9a99d Don't rush into 5G until you've got a market, warns GTI chief
link ff7bc9 Drop a grand on diamonds, get a free Xbox One S?
link 95d4b2 Dutch lawmakers debate ban on Muslim headwear
link aca73a EE calls for mobile coverage clarity
link f052bf Edible Dormice: The older they get, the more they rejuvenate their cells
link ce2c35 Efficiency increase for ORC power plants
link bb651a Egypt's anti protest law: Legalising authoritarianism
link c585e6 El Salvador: Assassins For Sale
link deda0e Elm (0.18) for the Front End, Right Now
link fb072f Engineer? TechOps? Swiftype is hiring
link 6c7943 Envisioning Donald Trump's Middle East
link b99f4e Euro Patent office staff call again for King Battistelli regicide
link 3f755a Evaluating Risks to Identity and Access When Moving to the Cloud
link fa3694 Everyone breathe. There's little chance the election was hacked
link 712d0d Everything you need to know about those 'Gilmore Girls'
link c556f7 FYI: The FBI is being awfully evasive about its fresh cyber-spy powers
link 27899f Facebook Said to Create Censorship Tool to Get Back into China
link 7acea0 Facebook reportedly created censorship tool for China
link 9e36a5 Facebook said to create censorship tool to enter China again
link 4a87d3 Facebook slapped with racial discrimination suit
link 472543 Failed Alzheimer's trial does not kill leading theory of disease
link 05a61e Fake News May Not Be Protected Speech
link 4f17d7 Fancy the new HTML vSphere client? Go get it: The old one as a security problem
link 449047 Fears of sectarian tension as PMUs close in on Tal Afar
link d22f45 Female monkeys manipulate males into fighting
link eeabd3 Fibre pushers get UK budget tax reprieve
link 77af77 First drive in the 2017 Audi S3: VW Group’s gateway drug to luxury vehicles
link 307e79 First look: Visual Studio for Mac is here at last, almost
link e863e3 First steps to neutralizing Zika
link fb2463 For wearable electronic devices, NIST shows plastic holes are golden
link ebd470 Ford's new Mustang Power Wheels comes with freaking traction control
link cfe039 Four Consortia Leading the Design of the European Hybrid Cloud Platform for Science
link 3048ab France: World should stop turning a blind eye to Syria
link 565652 FreeBSD on a MacBook Pro
link 2e5b58 Freelance Isn't Free Act Passes in NYC
link a81d84 Frenzy, flash sales app by Shopify
link 008011 From sprinklers to battlestations: Ars staffers’ crazy home lab experiments
link d014ae Fullstack Academy (YC S12) is hiring developers who love teaching
link d6a537 'Game of Thrones' wine is coming
link 824c58 Generate Media Queries for Specific Devices with This Insanely Simple CSS Tool
link 735ebc Genome Digest
link 47bb81 Get a streaming hot bargain this Black Friday
link e2c894 Get patching: Xen bug blows hypervisor security to bits – literally
link ed0fde Getting started with the Ubiquiti AmpliFi mesh router
link 68cc01 GitPlex – a new Git repository management server doing code review right
link bbb507 Glossy Black Galaxy S7 could be Samsung's answer to the Jet Black iPhone 7
link 1f1b39 Google DeepMind looks at a lot of TV, becomes better lipreader than an expert
link 1c43fe Google Translate uses machine learning for its cool new trick
link 47892e Google aims to tackle Black Friday crush
link c787d5 Google flip flops on Google Cast/Chromecast branding again
link d743e1 Google slowly sheds Cast brand
link 3216ea Google warns journalists and professors: Your account is under attack
link 3a42ba Google will now tell you whether a bar or shop is busy in real-time
link 6f89c4 Google’s AI translation tool seems to have invented its own secret language
link 1e3bb1 Gov's industrial strategy: 'Look, we've changed the words above our door'
link c36b7b HPE Reports Fiscal 2016 Full-Year and Fourth Quarter Results
link fa1a39 HPE core servers and storage under pressure
link 8b5a0f HPE's first standalone year ticks most boxes – except Donald Trump's
link 21dc15 HP Inc CEO Dion: Whey-hey, we're on the pull
link 4faa8b HTC and OnePlus spruce up flagships for Santa's sack
link 3ac976 Headphones as Microphones
link 21f1bd Here's what's going on with Kanye West
link bb4f0b Hey techbros, make an airplane mode but for driving for your apps – US traffic watchdog
link c6cbc0 Holoportation is now mobile
link 1a0474 How Apple Watch can help you lose the Thanksgiving flab
link 7f95a5 How Diet Influences Host-Microbiome Communication in Mice
link ac26f1 How Physics Falls Apart If the EMdrive Works
link db70e0 How one F1 team uses cybersecurity to keep the crown jewels under lock and key
link 1af618 How to confuse a Euro-cop: Survey reveals the crypto they love to hate
link 88177d How to dodge those Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping hackers
link 110fcb How to make IoT in the home more secure: Assume the worst
link 64d636 How to speed up the Rust compiler some more
link 75a01a Huawei wheels out X Labs brainbox farm for wireless industry
link b24b21 Humans strike back: Korean Go master bests AI in board game bout
link 909586 Humble Book Bundle: Unix
link 61a7d0 IDG Contributor Network: Love it or hate it, HelloSign helped deliver that election result
link 3216b1 IDG Contributor Network: Should enterprise CTO’s implement MLS systems?
link 58f372 IDG Contributor Network: Wicked Cool Shell Scripts
link 6ac0fc I messed with the “fuck u/spez” comments
link f2aa68 Imation agrees deal to offload Nexsan to private equity
link e3a13a InPage Zero Day Used in Attacks Against Banks
link 0bd546 Indian shelling kills nine in Kashmir, Pakistan says
link e545a9 Intractable conflicts produce an empathy gap in teens
link 4c2c36 Iraq: Dozens killed in petrol station Hilla attack
link 478eea Iraqi militiamen sever ISIL's key supply line to Syria
link 648352 Is FireEye getting access to all Win10 telemetry data?
link 93725b Is Poaching Causing Elephants to Evolve Without Tusks?
link bc8ac1 It's a nice day for a Net wedding: Macom buys Applied Micro Circuits
link 23ca61 It's time: Patch Network Time Protocol before it loses track of time
link ffcb18 JP Morgan released its implementation of a permissioned version of Ethereum
link 7bf232 Jellyfish Proteins Improve the Polariton Laser
link a782bd Jill Stein, citing hacking attacks, calls for recounts in three states
link f9c3ce Jill Stein to file for recount in three states
link 47ebbb Jolt – JSON to JSON transformation
link 55109d Judge blocks Obama overtime rule, putting it in jeopardy
link 17bc2a Kia recalls 71,000 Sportage crossovers after "thermal events"
link cbc4be LZH optimizes laser-based CFRP reworking for the aircraft industry
link f45da6 Le Tote (YC S13) Is Hiring Full Stack Engineers Disrupt Fashion with Us
link 825298 Lebanon freezes plan for Ain al-Hilweh's 'racist wall'
link 680822 'Lost in Space' remake for Netflix gender-flips a main role
link 3997e1 Lotus Exige Sport 380 is the quickest (and most garish) Exige ever
link 1ee9bb MacOS 10.12 Open Source
link dbba66 'Mad Sheila' is China's amazing take on 'Mad Max: Fury Road'
link fd5044 Make Christmas Great Again: $149 24-karat gold* Trump tree ornament
link 6bcdb7 Make companies pay full cost of breaches to restore trust in the internet, says ISOC
link ff0fcd Malaria vaccine, peatland protection and a string of satellites
link 7015b6 Malaysia: Babies for Sale
link 1e24ec Man dies after Japan speed-eating contest
link 66e5c0 Many LASIK patients may wind up with glare, halos or other visual symptoms
link b273fe Mark Zuckerberg is a hypocrite
link e923dc Meet Barack Obama, college kid, in first trailer for 'Barry'
link 7246e5 Meet the Test-Tube Turkey That Costs $34,000
link 1deed2 Meet the beautiful minds vying to be crowned the Student Cluster champs
link 342476 Men overboard! US Navy spills data on 134k sailors
link cf763b Michelle Yeoh joins the cast of 'Star Trek: Discovery'
link 602a64 Microsoft Solitaire Collection
link 694a28 Microsoft and Linux and Patents and Tweets
link 8b8687 Microsoft pulls MS 3197868, the Win7 Security Rollup that blew apart Malwarebytes
link e83441 Microsoft still working to fix Outlook sync issues
link a6bdfa Microsoft's nerd goggles will run on a toaster
link bb9154 Microsoft’s ‘Home Hub’ probably isn’t even hardware at all
link 3dfeac Ming Guo
link e82fb4 Missile tech helps boffins land drone on car moving at 50 km/h
link ff73ae Mobx-state-tree: Opinionated, transactional, MobX-powered state container
link 57619c Mouse lifespan, heart health extended by common chemical
link 648829 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' brings back Turkey Day marathon
link d874b5 NASA sets fire to stuff in SPAAACE. On purpose. Because science
link cd5e5a NASA will try not to depress astronauts with space-food bars
link 4e2219 Netflix's 'Gilmore Girls' revival looks even better than we imagined
link feaf0f New Quantum States for Better Quantum Memories
link aad1e5 New 'Sherlock' images give us a peek at Sherlock and John's family lives
link 515b3d New federal guidelines seek to lock out apps on drivers’ phones
link bed733 New standard helps optical trackers follow moving objects precisely
link b93566 NewsGrid
link cc3ded Next Generation: Super-Fast Tracking of Single Molecules
link 96d18e NgAgo gene-editing controversy escalates in peer-reviewed papers
link 347ee1 Nintendo rings in holidays with 3DS, Wii U game discounts
link a01db0 No NES Classic Edition, but plenty of savings on Nintendo games
link 9fa051 No super-kinky web smut please, we're British
link 641447 Not fake news: Facebook reinvents SVG
link 778874 Now THAT'S password security!
link da5856 Nvidia Sees Bright Future for AI Supercomputing
link 63a08c OK Go's New Video for 'The One Moment' Is Another Mind-Blower
link 3bb3ca OK Go's new music video will make you flip out and slow down
link 626715 OK Go's newest music video will make you flip out and slow down
link eea2d2 Obama awards honours to Grace Hopper, Margaret Hamilton for computing contributions
link 60b928 One warrant used to target thousands of child porn suspects in 120 countries
link 6048aa Open Source .NET – 2 years later
link 39e8f6 Opticon London 2016 – top take-aways from Optimizely's AB-testing conference
link a534f6 Outraged by the election? It could be because you moralize rationality
link 5b3b39 Overtime will never be this much fun again
link 3a13cb PAL is a tool for injecting secrets into Docker containers
link d6cd12 Parrot drone deals for Black Friday have landed
link 7b2a4f Patterns and Motives
link da8878 Pelosi says UC IT workers are in ‘untenable position’
link 4822e9 Personal data for more than 130,000 U.S. Navy sailors hacked
link fbf51e Pinball Wizards (2013)
link 0d37d9 Pipelines: Your Doorway to Continuous Development
link ba4c78 Pokemon Go tracking finally goes live and actually works
link 7e02f2 Porn sites could be blocked by ISPs under new UK rules
link 1b29b8 President Obama to Republicans: I won. Deal with it. (2013)
link b31113 Procedural Dungeon Generation: Cellular Automata
link e2f4c1 Python at StackOverflow
link acd039 Qatar hit by tornadoes
link e5ce4c Quantifying the evolution of individual scientific impact
link 1be6d1 Quantum Particles Form Droplets
link 0fe9b7 Quick roundup of shopping tips
link 0309c0 Raspberry Pi helps build strong brains
link db32bc Red Skull Beet Salad makes a terrifying Thanksgiving table
link 70aa98 Reddit CEO admits he secretly edited comments from Donald Trump supporters
link 3ba370 Reddit CEO admits to editing user comments amid Pizzagate malarkey
link 428af0 Reddit’s CEO edited comments that criticized him
link b5f2fc Research IT staff from UC campuses meet in Irvine
link 29400c Review: Why you need the BBC’s amazing Story of Life app
link bd0e51 Rodrigo Duterte vows to free economy from oligarchs
link 1b07ff Rohingya Muslims flee Myanmar amid deadly attacks
link c9ea14 'Rudolph' gets the gift of an Honest Trailer
link 20d83b SC16 Breaks Exhibit and Workshop Attendance Records
link e6b256 SQL Server on Linux: Runs well in spite of internal quirks. Why?
link 3c21dd Samsung Group offices get raided again in political scandal
link 9e1149 Samsung Group offices raided by Korean prosecutors
link e20121 Samsung fires $70m at quantum televisions
link 6113fa Samsung wants you to put on a mask for the holidays
link a497b8 Saturation of the Inertial Measurement Unit caused Schiaparelli to crash
link 0bc02d Saumsung office raided in South Korea corruption probe
link fbe567 Scalpers try to cash in on MacBook Pro shortage
link 38fac6 Scotland's Skyscanner sold to Chinese rival Ctrip in £1.4bn deal
link fbc5d2 Scottish flight site Skyscanner sold to China
link f342be Screen to beam technology: The rise of haptic interfaces
link 97b311 Secure messaging app Telegram now offers its own anonymous blogging platform
link a6f5de Securing Communications in a Trump Administration
link f0e260 Security researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire explains “data contraception”
link db189e Senator asks FTC to investigate Office Depot PC tech practices
link 31759c Senegal to Introduce a New Blockchain Based National Digital Currency
link f44f56 'Shazam for shoes' shows how AI could transform your style
link b75f2c Shinatra – A simple bash web server
link eb0dae Shipbob(YC-S14) is looking for a .NET Software engineer
link a21fc4 Show HN: A DigitalOcean-like support community for your website in 3 minutes
link bdfd8c Show HN: Build a robot with the $9 C.H.I.P. Computer
link 0be125 Show HN: Functional programming for modern Fortran
link 98f797 Show HN: I'm writing an ebook version of the Tao of tmux
link 1b47b5 Show HN: Learn to Code for Free
link c4b188 Show HN: Simple JavaScript Weather Plugin with JQuery Dependencies Removed
link 617247 Show HN: Zenkit, productivity app of list+Kanban+spreadsheet+calendar
link 269b5a Show HN: vcspull – synchronize your repos
link a0f57d Signal for Beginners
link 676e42 Signal security revealed: A triple-Diffie-Hellman with a double ratchet
link 20b7af Silicon Valley’s Secret: Proximity, Stolen Parts, and the Kindness of Strangers
link abbc28 Singapore to Sydney: Girt by CNET podcast 95
link 590a7c Skyscanner acquired by Ctrip for $1.7B
link 1a451d Skyscanner sold to China travel firm Ctrip in £1.4bn deal
link 72c5fb Smartphone Resin 3D Printers
link 625dcc Smartphone riddle
link 837e73 Snail mail thieves feed international identity theft rings say Oz cops
link a17ac7 Snowden can be asked to testify in person in German NSA probe
link db6db1 Somalia: Elders negotiate with al-Shabab over soldiers
link ee5909 Someone recreated BioShock's Rapture using 30,000 Lego bricks
link b7bb8b Sorry, iPhone fans – only Fandroids get Barclays' tap-to-withdraw
link e5c56a South Korean authorities raid Samsung in Park Geun-hye probe
link 675a22 South Korea's political morass
link 5e3c66 Space crap: Flap, zap or strap? $30k from NASA for your pooper scooper
link ab3e79 Speaking in Tech: 'You idiot
link 806bf2 'Star Wars' toys anyone in the galaxy would love
link abeef5 Statistical Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
link d172cb Statistician calls for audit to address election hacking fears
link d115f8 Stay out of my server room!
link 05d3b4 Steam autumn sale kicks off, joined by first annual Steam Awards
link d61c11 Steam is having a huge sale on games right now
link 55c490 Strikingly (YC W13) is hiring in our Shanghai office
link b288ee Subgraph OS: Adversary resistant computing platform
link 45652c Supercapacitors Batteries charges in seconds without degrading
link e8ae9c Supersonic spray yields new nanomaterial for bendable, wearable electronics
link ba6de5 Surprise, surprise. BT the only Universal Service Obligation provider in town
link d7d51d System76 Oryx Pro review: Linux in a laptop has never been better
link 08874a Talking to users
link 42be66 Tech firms seek to frustrate internet history log law
link c66cac Tech giants warn IoT vendors to get real about security
link 9e8049 Telegram API ransomware wrecked three weeks after launch
link fb5644 Tesla runs an entire island on solar power
link e3593d Thank You, Football: Youssef El-Arabi and Ali Al-Habsi
link 8f9206 The Big Little Man from Brooklyn (1968)
link b8b5d6 The Case Against Python 3
link 9e03a3 The Challenge of Consciousness
link 9e7673 The Curse of the Modern Office
link 61bd4d The EM drive breaks the laws of physics
link edee85 'The Lego Batman Movie' minifigures dig deep and get weird
link bd8fd2 The Lua VM, on the Web
link 109d27 The Manhattan Project Fallacy
link c5bb7e The North Pole is too warm, again
link ae5dca The States That College Graduates Are Most Likely to Leave
link e78667 The consent of the governed: The hole at the heart of economics
link 1ffdd8 The crumbling cement around you is soaking up carbon dioxide
link 9164bd The economics of the Internet backbone (2004) [pdf]
link bc52e8 The hole at the heart of economics: the consent of the governed
link 19caf4 The sparrow with four sexes
link 589bd2 The vagaries of Pakistan's cybercrime law
link 04fad0 The war on drugs has failed: doctors should lead calls for drug policy reform
link 42eada There's gold in them thar hills! Rackspace latest firm to join Frankfurt data centre rush
link 127023 To Know If the Election Was Hacked, Look at the Ballots
link dcd535 Tony Blair looks to technology sector for best ideas about politics
link 3dddc6 Toronto convicts first Airbnb owner over zoning violation
link 525aae Trump: I'd love to make Israel-Palestine peace deal
link 77769d Trump denies any conflict of interest over business empire
link 322030 Trump offers Tim Cook 'incentives' to make iPhone in US
link aceacf Trump says he’s going to get Apple to “build a big plant” in US
link 8662df Trump tells Apple CEO to build iPhones in the U.S.
link 9c39ed Trump’s FCC advisor wants to eliminate most of the FCC
link 380849 Turkish soldiers killed by Syrian air strikes: Military
link 927f48 Twelve Yemeni civilians killed in coalition air strike
link c31344 Twitter accidentally suspends its own CEO's account
link 21f7f7 Twitter bans own CEO Jack Dorsey from Twitter
link 491005 Twitter bastes itself ahead of Thanksgiving Day
link c668d2 Twitter suspends CEO Jack Dorsey's Twitter account #awkward
link 02ed74 Twitter to crack down on spies wielding its APIs
link b77627 U.S. says cybersecurity skills shortage is a myth
link 704c65 UK government: No porn please, we're British
link 6777b1 UK scientists excited by surprise £2-billion government windfall
link b3647b US Navy's 'most advanced warship' needs a tow
link 87048d US auto industry installed 135,000 robots and added 230,000 jobs
link 6205c6 Uber Portal Leaked Names, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Unique Identifiers
link f91601 Video of explosive cooking accidents highlights holiday horrors
link 115437 Visa cries foul over Euro regulator's stronger authentication demands
link 7d8329 Volkswagen exec admits company's diesels in US are dead
link dc27b1 Volvo has electrification, autonomy in mind for future Polestar models
link e4715c Voting security experts tell Clinton to demand recount
link 73e1a0 Vue.js 2.1 Released
link 2aa699 We Tracked Down a Fake-News Creator in the Suburbs
link b4bd34 We're Enabling Display Ads on Select Stack Exchange Sites
link 800389 What's new on Amazon Prime Video in December 2016
link 02ee0f What's new to stream for the long weekend (November 23, 2016)
link f926aa White supremacist guilty of killing British MP
link e06a9d Why Native Apps Really Are Doomed: Native Apps Are Doomed Pt 2
link 8d9c6d Why does Turkey care about Mosul?
link 1497ea Why is Firefox still not supporting .webp?
link 76a5ae Will China lift its ban on Facebook?
link 8a6228 Will a new Mumbai road destroy fishermen's livelihoods?
link 658315 Win10 patch KB3200970 may cause MacOS network share failures
link 84d116 WordPress auto-update server had flaw allowing anyone to add anything to the CMS
link ad9c1c Xbox One S lowest price ever for Microsoft Black Friday deals
link 499a71 Xbox One streaming comes to Oculus Rift on December 12
link 797cd3 Yemen conflict: Who controls what
link 653fa5 You can get Netflix in 4K on your Windows PC (finally)
link 7517cc ZoneSavvy taps big data to help SMBs find best sites for businesses
link f721de eBay Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals loaded with laptops, TVs and drones
link 292d8f eldec generators CUSTOM LINE: Customized energy source for perfect induction heating
link d94385 iPhone users more dishonest, says study

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