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  • Please mention SoylentNews.org as much as possible.
  • It seems like the word is spreading (over 45,000 views in <1 week) Good job everyone!
    • Any idea on how and where to make sure people know about this project, please post them here?
I'd send a note along to Ars Technica & BoingBoing. (That would get some attention)
Anyone have a Reddit account with a reasonable activity level?
The Register, Digg, Hacker News and anything else you feel would help get the word out there
  • Contacted:
    • The Register:: No word back
    • Ars Technica:: Was passed along to one of the writers
Slashdot’s new interface could kill what keeps Slashdot relevant, but no mention of replacement projects.
    • Hacker News
Submission from when AltSlashdot just started
Due for an update once we get an actual site up and running
Similar thread from today Yahwotqa (talk) 10:05, 10 February 2014 (MST)