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===[[WhosWho| Who's Who?]]===
===[[WhosWho| Who's Who?]]===
== List of Discussion Pages ==
== Useful Links ==
*[[Submission guidelines]] - best practices for story submissions
*[[Story Style]] - a guide for editors on article formatting
*[[Finances]] -- which model would allow to minimise and/or distribute hosting costs
*[[Development]] team page
**[https://github.com/SoylentNews/slashcode| Code Repo] - The Slashcode repository for this project on GitHub
*[[Moderation]] -- how/if to enhance; was it so bad it was the primary reason for the diaspora?
** [[DevelopmentVMHowto]] - How to get our code setup in a VM
*[[FeatureList]] -- discussion of required/desired characteristics
** [[SlashDocumentationIndex]]
*[[Submission guidelines]]
*[[UserExperience]] team page
**[[Style]] - some of this info needs to be merged/moved/organized into/with [[UserExperience]]
*[[Finances]] - some outdated info, but still has interesting ideas for the future
*[[Migration of users from Slashdot]] -- how to handle Nicks and UIDs
*[[Licensing]] - ideas about which license to use for our slashcode fork
*[[WhosWho]] -- points of contact in different project areas
*[[Spreading the word]]
*[[To do]]
*[[Stories from former Slashdot users]]
*[[IRCVision|What should the IRC network be like?]]
*[[URLShortener|How do we want a URL shortener to be used?]]
*[[The Slashcott]]
*[[Story Style]]
== Similar Projects ==
== Similar Projects ==

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This is a home for information about how SoylentNews.org was started, the vision for it, and discussion about it's future.

About SoylentNews.org

Welcome to the SoylentNews.org Wiki.

We deliver community-sourced news and discussion. This is a grassroots effort powered by article submissions from our readers, volunteers, and our forked version of slashcode. We highlight stories on the web which are important to everyone - especially nerds. We also provide a soapbox for discussion moderated by the site's patrons, and allow anonymous discourse as there's no mandatory registration needed to comment.

We are mindful of community sentiment, and will not bend to overreaching corporate agenda. The goal is to be an excellent source for discussion and news about technology, art, science and politics.

Though the site is young and there are bugs, we are improving and adapting to satisfy the community's needs. We look forward to pushing the boundaries of web experience and are committed to involving the community on all major decisions.

Project and business information

Get Involved

This project is run entirely by the community and there are many different facets. Here are some of the many ways to participate:


A list of people working on this project:

Who's Who?

Useful Links

Similar Projects


Archive -- An archive of obsolete pages/discussions that occurred before launch