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Feb 13, 2014 12:33AM EST: Status

A select few editors, dev, and system types are working through the system finding bugs. User registration works, there are stories on the front page, comments and replies.

We could use a temporary bug tracking system that's easily accessible by the users (ie - not requiring onerous registration). Can anyone hook us up?

How about "Bug:" namespace here on wiki? Yahwotqa (talk) 00:45, 13 February 2014 (MST)

E-mail me: John (at) SoylentNews (dot) com

Feb 12, 2014 9:40PM EST: Status

Freenode is complaining "Server is full" and not letting me into chat, so this is a guess status :-)

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help test the system this evening. At the last minute, the team found a nest of bugs that effectively broke the moderation system, so testing was put off until 10:PM EST, and then later was put off until Thu.

  • Nothing is impossible for the person who doesn’t have to do it himself.
  • Any project can be estimated accurately once it’s completed.
  • The sooner you get behind schedule, the more time you have to make it up.
  • A badly planned project will take three times longer than expected
  • A well planned project only twice as long as expected.
  • Schedules are made to be broken
  • Work expands to fill the Time. Cost expands to meet the Budget.
  • The first 90% of a project takes 90% of the time. The last 10% takes the other 90%.
  • The only certainty in a project is uncertainty
  • On time, on budget, on spec – pick 2.


From the site: I know its been a long wait, but we've been steadily moving towards launch. With luck, you're reading this on the main index of the site, which means we've gone, and haven't gone mad in the process. Now that we're here, we hope to have made the wait worth it, but we depend on everyone in the community. To make this site a success, we depend on each and every single user even if its just from passing word of mouth. Remember, every single user can submit stories, moderate, and contribute to discussions all at the same time, and that's what makes us unique. May I be the first to welcome you to your new home.


Site Announcements

Feb 11, 2014 8:01PM EST: Status

Yeah, yeah... we're working on it.

We're starting to get overlords that manage various features. An overlord is responsible for granting access - it's intended to be a no work position, so that it can be held for long periods without requiring much time.

So for example, Applesmasher is the overlord of forums. He grants access to people and recovers access when people leave, but he doesn't have to do any work himself (although he can if he wants). He ensures that the people with access are reliable.

So if you need a forum for your group, ask the overlord of forums. If you want a set of wiki pages, ask the overlord of the wiki, and so on.

The current overlords have agreed to hold the position until Mar 1, at which time we will choose overlords via some formal process. (And the current overlords might ask to continue.)

The current overlords can be contacted here:

There will be more to come. This is temporary to get us going - the community can change the structure later, but for now things seem to naturally separate into these areas of interest.

Feb 11, 2014 3:01PM EST: Status

We have a working system, and two people fixing the CSS (sadly, none for sphinx). As far as I can tell, we're trying to get the high-bandwidth aspects of the site running: Varnish, MySQL configuration options, and such. We want the system to be able to withstand a tsunami of visitors 10 meters high.

The system team has been working around the clock to get things running, and I mean that literally. I have to as-much-as order people to break off at night and go to bed. They *really* want to see this thing work. Send them some love in chat if you can.

Note that these are not "deadlines", nor do I particularly care if we miss them: We're reporting when we "predict" things will be ready. The first 90% of the project is done, now we're working on the remaining 90%.

Stand by for launch...

P.S. - Check out the logo

Feb 11, 2014 12:01PM EST: Need some sphinx help

We still need sphinx (search engine) expertise, so if you are familiar with this package, please E-mail me:

If you want to send the project lead a message: John (at) SoylentNews (dot) org

The Slashcott is getting attention

A selection of Slashcott/Beta comments from around the web.......

Check out the look and feel of the new site!

To everyone involved... THANK YOU!

We are building a news site alternative to Slashdot. We have started only a few days ago, and this wiki is a temporary measure so that volunteers can coordinate and others can see what's happening.

The idea is to build a news aggregation site that delivers what's important - better articles, less fluff, and all the functionality you expect from the moderation system. We are still looking for volunteers so stop by the boards and the IRC and let us know you want to help!

  • The proposed business model is here
  • Some business planning is here
  • A statement of functionality (turn into a requirements document?)--- FeatureList

Get Involved

Hop in to IRC! - IRC: ##altslashdot on (Webchat, we are growing in strength!)

Register on the forums -

  • Go to and register a user
  • Read this post if you are having problems. (Thanks MrGuy)
  • Add yourself to whichever groups you are interested in
  • For tech issues with the forum software, please Email Joel: soylent (at) finite (dot) ms

Slashcott Organized boycott of the Dice-owned Slashdot pages

  • Show your support for the "Get rid of Beta" crowd by avoiding Slashdot during the week of February 10-17

Tell Somebody A friend, a colleague, any major news source....

  • Do what you can to get the word out

Contact: If you want to send the project lead a message: John (at) SoylentNews (dot) org


Check out the FAQ

  • Forums are available at
The forums have four user groups: Code, Content, Style, and System.
  • We upgraded the hosting by two tiers
  • The System team is working on installing SlashCode. They are busting their collective tails to get this site up for us. Hopefylly, soon!
  • Probably won't be non-profit, see business model.
  • We won't poach from Slashdot. This includes articles and logos, also "style" to a reasonable extent.

Mailing list update Messages are here

Site Name

We have a temporary name!

Thanks go out to everyone who made suggestions - some of them were absolutely brilliant! For example, it hadn't occurred to me to choose a name based on a non-English word, or a palindrome, or a puzzle. Many of the entries were quite clever. (Adies, it took me more than a day to figure yours out. Bravo!)

I won't post the runners up because squatters might take the names before we hold the real contest. We'll figure out a way to prevent this somehow - at worst case we can choose judges and do it privately.

Jerry had the winning entry.

The temp name is: SoylentNews with the tagline: SoylentNews is people!

Does this rock? It hits the trifecta of website goodness:

  • Descriptive in a way that mundanes will understand (compare "Photoshop" with "GIMP", "Internet Explorer" with "Firefox", and "MediaPlayer" with "VLC")
  • It's part of Nerd culture, a pun, and slightly twisted
  • It's suggestive of being community driven
  • Possible Trademark issues
  • It is attached to some movie about eating corpses and implies "News fresh as processed corpses" (??)

This will be a hard act to beat. Start thinking up names for the contest, or throw your weight behind this one. The contest will be held soon after we open the doors.

(And it was poutine (from IRC) who suggested we use a temporary name. Others may also have suggested it, but it was his post that I noticed. Be sure to thank him if you see him on IRC.)

List of Discussion Pages


General Slashdot Discussion: Come on IRC channel #slashdot at Or use the web client:

SoylentNews Discussion: Head to IRC channel ##AltSlashdot on, Web client is here:

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