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Basic Information

Ip address:

Services that *should* be running:

  • varnish
  • httpd
  • slash
  • nginx?
  • memcached

Note: Only httpd does *not* have an init script, needs to be fired manually via apachectl.

Varnish Config

Varnish is a caching reverse proxy that listens on port 80 and proxies traffic to the local apache running on port 2600.

It's current set to cache only status objects: css, js, gif, jpeg, etc.

Nginx Config

No idea, I didn't set this up.

If it's passing to Varnish, it probably won't work because slash is brain-dead about upstream reverse proxies and doesn't really parse the X-Forwarded-For header properly.

If it's passing directly to the local apache, it might work a bit better.

Apache Config

Listening on Port 2600, there is a setting in one of the slash includes to get perl to recognize the XFF header stuff

Slash Config

No Idea, I didn't set this up.

Memcache Config

This caches mysql queries so fewer queries have to go back to the db. I didn't set this up, someone else need to document the config.