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CssWork - parent

  • Official docs
    • InstallDoc - original INSTALL document
    • SlashGuide - this is the guide (from htdocs) you are supposed to read immediately after installing slashcode
    • SectionTopics - This is the 'new' sections and topics rewrite and is more important to read than it first appears, explains what a skin is. Sort of.
    • SlashChart Png chart of slashcode organization
    • SlashManPages Man pages available by typing man PAGENAME
    • TemplateManPages Man pages for the template library used to deliver the html

"Page" sources as seen by the users

PageSourceJournalPl PageSourceMessagesPl PageSourceTopicPl PageSourceAuthorsPl

PageSourceSearchPl PageSourcePollBoothPl PageSourceSubmitPl PageSourceJournalPl PageSourceIndexPl

These pages use perl scripts:

- on front page- (listed as older stuff) (listed as past polls) (listed as submit story) This is the link on the users name when logged in. Must be a redirect? 
also most recent journal entries go to similar urls 
like - older stuff box, date link older stuff box, article link older stuff,'older articles' 'yesterdays news'

-the topic images- 

- static shtml file links -
You don't have permission to access /faq/index.shtml on this server. - 'about' on main menu - 'faq' on main menu

authors.shtml - exists, but link goes to .pl version
hof.shtml - when accessed directly, goes to a summary of Most Active Stories etc
moderation.shtml - an textual page explaining what moderation is about
slashguide.shtml - goes to: which shows error:
     "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /faq/index.shtml on this server."
staff.shtml - redirects internally to a login function - My page!!!!!!
topics.shtml - shows essentially same result as list of topics.

-Main home logo- actually goes to index.shtml 

- the 'my' redirection create account/login