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** [[SqlSchema]] - tables used in the database
** [[SqlSchema]] - tables used in the database
** [[SqlDefaults]] - defaults for those tables
** [[SqlDefaults]] - defaults for those tables
** [[MySqlUsefulCommandsCribsheet]] - just the stuff we need in condensed form and examples
** [[DescriptionsOfVariablesInDatabaseTableVars]] - makes it easy to scan for what you want.
** [[DescriptionsOfVariablesInDatabaseTableVars]] - makes it easy to scan for what you want.
* [[PageScriptList]] - scripts (= 'pages') in /slash/site/slashcott.org/htdocs with routines listed
* [[PageScriptList]] - scripts (= 'pages') in /slash/site/slashcott.org/htdocs with routines listed

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CssWork - parent

  • Official docs
    • InstallDoc - original INSTALL document
    • SlashGuide - this is the guide (from htdocs) you are supposed to read immediately after installing slashcode
    • SectionTopics - This is the 'new' sections and topics rewrite and is more important to read than it first appears, explains what a skin is. Sort of.
    • SlashChart Png chart of slashcode organization
    • SlashManPages Man pages available by typing man PAGENAME
    • TemplateManPages Man pages for the template library used to deliver the html

"Page" sources as seen by the users

These pages use perl scripts:

- on front page-

search.pl (listed as older stuff)
pollbooth.pl (listed as past polls)
submit.pl (listed as submit story)
http://slashcott.org/~AudioGuy/ This is the link on the users name when logged in. Must be a redirect? 
also most recent journal entries go to similar urls 
like http://slashcott.org/~martyb/journal/

http://slashcott.org/index.pl?issue=20140206 - older stuff box, date link
http://slashcott.org/articles/00/01/25/1430236.shtml older stuff box, article link

http://slashcott.org/search.pl?start=2 older stuff,'older articles'
http://slashcott.org/index.pl?issue=20140306 'yesterdays news'

-the topic images-

- static shtml file links -
You don't have permission to access /faq/index.shtml on this server.
http://slashcott.org/about.shtml - 'about' on main menu
http://slashcott.org/faq.shtml - 'faq' on main menu

authors.shtml - exists, but link goes to .pl version
hof.shtml - when accessed directly, goes to a summary of Most Active Stories etc
moderation.shtml - an textual page explaining what moderation is about
slashguide.shtml - goes to:
   http://slashcott.org/faq/ which shows error:
     "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /faq/index.shtml on this server."
staff.shtml - redirects internally to a login function - My page!!!!!!
topics.shtml - shows essentially same result as topics.pl list of topics.

-Main home logo-
http://slashcott.org/ actually goes to index.shtml 

- the 'my' redirection 
http://slashcott.org/my/ create account/login