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Obsolete Page
This page is obsolete and only retained for archival purposes.

This is a short discussion regarding the "Topics" in slashcode.

As is stands now OldSlashdot has the following categories on the front page.

  • Ask Slashdot
  • Book Reviews
  • Games
  • Idle
  • YRO
  • Cloud
  • Hardware
  • Linux
    • perhaps we should add a Windows and OSX category as well or just call this Operating Systems. I'm a Linux user at home, but it seems one sided to have only a category for Linux. We should try to be unbiased when possible.
  • Management
  • Mobile
  • Science
  • Security
  • Storage

Is this the same format people would want on a new site? Expand the list, or focus more on fewer categories? Combine where possible (i.e. Storage and Cloud may fit in some larger category ??) Additions:

  • Alternative Energy
  • General Current events ?
  • Developers
  • Digital Currency/Bitcoin? - is anybody really interested in Bitcoin as much as the /. editors seem to be?
    • Seems to be a bit of a buzz around this. Just like someone above said, maybe these "subject of the day" things can be combined in to a single category. Things like Cryptocurrency, Cloud, etc.
  • Making ?