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This is just a proposal, a starting place. It is meant to be amended as needed. IF you wish to amend it, put a comment at the end of this page with your name (and maybe a number) as a proposed amendment, in the form: change OLD TEXT to NEWTEXT. This way we can discuss the 'audioguy amendment 1' etc. and even vote on them if needed.

The problem roughly divides into two parts, which I think of as the 'Social Part' and the 'Technical Part' so these are dealt with separately.

The Social Part

  • We need to have peoples permission to email them for the voting. That permission will be obtained in this fashion:
    • On Monday,SOMEDATE,UTC a notice on Soylent will go out that on Thursday,SOMEDATE,UTC a copy of the user database will be dumped.
    • Anyone who has You/Preferences/Messages/DailyHeadlines set to to 'E-mail' at that time will be considered to have registered to vote and given their permission for us to email them ballots.
      • Anyone who does NOT wish to participate should make sure their You/Preferences/Messages/DailyHeadlines is NOT set to E-mail on You/Preferences/Messages/DailyHeadlines. After Thursday,SOMEDATE,UTC the preference can be set back to whatever is desired.

The Technical Part

Proposed Amendments, Changes

(put your proposed changes here)

Final Finished Plan

(To be filled in...)