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==Next meeting==
==Next meeting==
Time: Tuesday, September 30, 23:00 UTC (7:00pm EDT)<br />
Time: Tuesday, September 30, 22:00 UTC (6:00pm EDT)<br />
Place: irc.sylnt.us:6667/6697#staff ([ Webchat])<br />
Place: irc.sylnt.us:6667/6697#staff ([ Webchat])<br />
Chair: To Be Determined
Chair: To Be Determined

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If there is an issue that you would like to be raised at the next Board meeting, please include it in the list below. The list will be cleared following each meeting. If you feel that your issue was not adequately addressed at the meeting, please feel free to add it to the list again, with additional detail as needed, and it will be raised at the following meeting.

Next meeting

Time: Tuesday, September 30, 22:00 UTC (6:00pm EDT)
Place: irc.sylnt.us:6667/6697#staff (Webchat)
Chair: To Be Determined


  • Issue 1: Site wildcard certificates - status?
  • Issue 2: Follow-up on SoylentNews Policy Document - Updates:

At the last Board Meeting, there was discussion about site Privacy, Copyright, and DMCA policies.

A section has been added to the Wiki for these and two other items ("Disclaimers" and "Terms of Use" — many thanks to Crutchy for offering suggested text). Privacy, Copyright, Disclaimers, Terms of Use, and DMCA.

Suggest these be reviewed and agreed upon prior to applying to our site(s). (SoylentNews.org, dev.Soylentnews.org, etc., IRC, Wiki, TWiki, other?)

  • Issue 3: Treasurer's Report - Month of August 2014
    • Starting Balance(s)
    • Income
    • Expenses
    • Ending Balance(s)
  • Issue 4: Current Balance(s)
  • Issue 5: Treasurer's Reports - Track on Wiki?
  • Issue 6: Start repayment of initial cash investments by Matt_ and NCommander? Maybe $20-$25/person/month?