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IRCiv logo

IRCiv is a little game (and game engine of sorts) for building stuff like in "Civilization"-branded games.

It is run as a script by the exec bot, which usually lurks in the #civ channel on IRC server. Anyone welcome to come check out progress or have a tinker. Must be registered and identified with NickServ to be an IRCiv player.




IRCiv commands must start with the exec alias "civ" unless an alias lock is set (which is the case by default).

Quick start guide

help or ?


Outputs a status message to either PM (default) or the game channel if "public_status" flag is set.

during testing exec auto sets the public_status flag for every player, but players can unflag it if they want


syntax: [civ] flag name

flags recognised:

- public_status

outputs player active unit status to game channel instead of private message

- grid

paints gridlines on map images


flag public_status


syntax: [civ] unflag name


syntax: [civ] set key=value


syntax: [civ] unset key

Active unit movement

up or u
down or d
left or l
right or r

after movement command, status is automatically shown

if unit successfully moves, the active unit will be cycled to the next available unit

units can't move off map or off landmasses

if "public_status" flag isn't set (which is the case by default), it's probably easier to enter movement commands in the exec PM window, though they will still be recognised in the game channel; you will just have to change to PM window to see status

Building a city

build or b

only settlers can build cities


A simple website @ has been set up to access map images output by the IRC script.

A demo can be accessed here:


Developer(s): crutchy

Development journal entries