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Information for Sysops / IRC admins

Server Related Info

IRC services are now served up by beryllium. The core IRC services as well as several bots live on this server. They are mostly run from the sylnt user account out of /home/sylnt/

Start and stop scripts are in the ~/bin directory. start.all and stop.all will start and stop each of the services below with the appropriate script in a proper order. start.all is also set in sylnt's crontab to start at reboot. Individual services can be stopped or started with the appropriate script stop.service or start.service where .service is replaced with the suffix listed in the table below.

The services each have a cron.service script, also in ~/bin, that monitors that the service is running and restarts it if it does not find it. This is done by monitoring the pid, set at startup, and seeing if the job is still running. cron.all is run at 10 minute intervals from sylnt's crontab as well.

IRC Services






start/stop/cron suffix

Charybids 3.5.2 ircd services ~/charybdis 6667, 6697(ssl) .charybdis
Atheme Services 7.2.6 a modular IRC Services package ~/atheme-services internal only .atheme
Atheme Iris web frontend for IRC ~/atheme-iris 3989 (forwarded from 80) .iris
Bender jsonbot bot ~/.jsb internal only .bender
Loggie logging bot ~/logbot 80 .loggie
NerdRPG local Idle RPG ~/nerdrpg internal only .nerdrpg
Regurgitator local RSS aggregator based on Eggdrop ~/irc-bots/Regurgitator internal only .regurgitator
WikIRC wiki log bot ~/wikirc internal only .wikirc
ZNC IRC Bouncer service (n.b. repo install, config in sylnt home) ~/.znc internal only .znc

All of /home/sylnt/ started out as a copy from the original server xlefay setup on his systems. No new files were added to this, only certain services need to be recompiled. Source files for most of the services are found in ~/source, and copies of the original services that ran on original server are in ~/OLD. Test compiles of some of the services were moved to ~/test before bring up the current versions.

Charybdis was compiled with ./configure --prefix=/home/sylnt/charybdis/ --enable-epoll --enable-openssl --enable-ipv6 --disable-assert. Atheme was compiled with $ ./configure --prefix=/home/sylnt/atheme-services. Iris was configure by running ./compile from the ~/atheme-iris directory. The bots did not require a recompile from what was transferred from original server.

Config files were adjusted to set the proper ip addresses for the new server (both IPv4 and IPv6) and to adjust the staff who had admin access.

Information for IRC Operators

Useful Links