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~count <nick>



~define term


~define-add term, meaning












~find-first <text>


~find-last <text>


~first <nick>





~header <header> <url> returns value of header (if found) fails silently if error occurs or header not found







~isup host[:port] (checks connection, returns http status if found)


~join #channel (don't have to be channel op)





~last <nick>


~list (lists available commands)


~list-auth (lists available commands requiring NickServ account authorization)


~location code


~lock alias (treats all lines entered as being prefixed with alias, channel-specific)





~part (bot leaves channel)





~queue (returns number of SN submissions in the queue)


~rainbow text








~sed on|off [nick[:|,|>|.] ]s/pattern/replace[/[g]] (similar to SedBot)





~time location





~translate tolang text (auto-detects source lang, eg: ~translate en prueba)


~translate-sl fromlang tolang text (eg: ~translate-sl es en prueba)



Syntax: ~unlock Related commands: ~lock Developers: crutchy Sources:





Syntax: ~weather location Examples: ~weather JFK ~weather vostok, aq ~weather crutchy Related commands: ~weather-add ~time-add Developers: crutchy Sources:


Syntax: ~weather-add name location Developer(s): crutchy Sources: Related commands: ~weather ~time ~time-add ~location Description: Enables storing a short name to refer to a longer location description when using the ~weather or ~time commands. If a name already exists, setting it again will overwrite the existing named location. Names cannot be deleted at this stage. A few thousand ICAO and IATA/FAA airport codes have been imported into the codes file thanks to OpenFlights. <crutchy> ~weather-add crutchy melbourne australia <exec> code "crutchy" set for location "melbourne australia"