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In the above example, "define" is the command alias, "atlantic ocean" is passed to the script as %%msg%%
In the above example, "define" is the command alias, "atlantic ocean" is passed to the script as %%msg%%
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==weather exec script==
==weather exec script==

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IRC Script Executive

"exec" is a script that runs in a CLI that connects to the Soylent IRC server (irc.sylnt.us:6667) and executes other programs for output to an IRC channel.

Input to a script/program is via command line arguments only (stdin is not supported).

stdout of an executed script/program may be passed to an IRC channel or output to exec's stdout (terminal), depending on the value of auto-privmsg in the exec line. If auto-privmsg=0, stdout from the script/program must begin with "privmsg " for it to be sent to the IRC channel.

Programs executed may be anything accessible from the CLI of the machine running the exec script. They may be shell programs (such as cowsay and fortune), php scripts (executed using the CLI php command) or scripts in any other language executable by their respective CLI interpreters (python, perl, etc).

Bot development

Developer(s): crutchy

Source: https://github.com/crutchy-/test


Download above files from github, open a terminal and change to that directory, and run "php irc.php".

Scripts may be stored anywhere that is accessible to the bot script for CLI execution. If stored in a different location, the script path must be included in the exec file line.


"Buckets" are a feature of exec that allow scripts to store data in a common location which is accessible from any script and is retained/persistent between script executions. Each bucket consists of an array element in the main bot program that is read, written and cleared using IRC-like commands (see below) passed through stdout/stdin pipes from/to executed scripts - buckets are filled by pipes hahaha :-P

Currently having difficulty reading large amounts of data and use of gzcompress is hampered by control characters, but you can store complex data in array form by using php's serialize/unserialize (or equivalent in other languages).

Buckets are referenced by an index string, which is encoded/decoded by the bot.

:exec BUCKET_GET :index
:exec BUCKET_SET :index data
:exec BUCKET_UNSET :index

Tested PHP functions for reading/writing bucket data can be found here: https://github.com/crutchy-/test/blob/master/scripts/irciv_lib.php

Exec file

Exec file:

# alias|timeout(sec)|auto-privmsg(1|0)|empty-trailing-allowed(1|0)|cmd
# available templates: %%trailing%%, %%dest%%, %%nick%%, %%start%%, %%alias%%, %%cmd%%, %%data%%, %%exec%%, %%params%%
# %%trailing%% excludes alias

*|5|0|0|php scripts/grab.php %%trailing%% %%nick%% && php scripts/cmd.php %%cmd%% %%trailing%% %%data%% %%dest%% %%params%% %%nick%%

~|5|1|1|php scripts/about.php
cowsay|5|1|0|cowsay %%trailing%%
snake|5|1|1|echo %%trailing%% | cowsay -f elephant-in-snake
test|5|0|0|php scripts/test.php %%trailing%% %%dest%% %%nick%%
ps|5|1|1|ps fl
moo|10|1|1|apt-get moo
fortune|5|1|1|fortune -s
cowsay-fortune|5|1|1|sh cowsay-fortune.sh
define|10|0|0|php scripts/definitions.php %%trailing%%
php|5|0|0|php scripts/php.php %%trailing%%
smile|5|1|0|php scripts/smile.php %%trailing%%
rofl|5|1|1|fortune -s
exec-up|5|0|1|php scripts/up.php %%start%%
bsod|10|1|1|php scripts/bsod.php
~join|5|0|0|php scripts/join.php %%trailing%%
~part|5|0|1|php scripts/part.php %%dest%% %%trailing%%
~recurse|5|0|1|php scripts/recurse.php
~bucket|5|0|1|php scripts/buckets.php

weather|10|0|1|php scripts/weather.php %%alias%% %%trailing%%
weather-add|10|0|1|php scripts/weather.php %%alias%% %%trailing%%

civ|5|0|1|php scripts/irciv.php %%nick%% %%trailing%% %%dest%%

# non-php scripts
haskell|5|1|1|runhaskell scripts/haskell.hs
perl|5|1|1|perl scripts/perl.pl

Available exec templates:

  • %%trailing%%
  • %%dest%%
  • %%nick%%
  • %%start%% # microtime(True) result when bot was started
  • %%alias%%
  • %%cmd%%
  • %%data%%
  • %%exec%%
  • %%params%%
:<prefix> <command> <params> :<trailing>

Script development

Example script:

# test|5|0|0|php scripts/test.php %%trailing%% %%dest%% %%nick%%
echo "when auto-privmsg=0 this shows on terminal (stdout) only\n";
echo "privmsg msg=".$argv[1]."\n";
echo "privmsg chan=".$argv[2]."\n";
echo "privmsg nick=".$argv[3]."\n";

If anyone is interested in adding their own script, do a github fork/pull and/or let crutchy know (crutchy usually hangs out in #soylent and #test).


To invoke a script in IRC client:

alias [msg]


<crutchy> define atlantic ocean
  <bacon> 1 | noun | the 2nd largest ocean; separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east\n2 | adjective | relating to or bordering the Atlantic Ocean

In the above example, "define" is the command alias, "atlantic ocean" is passed to the script as %%msg%%

weather exec script

Developer(s): crutchy

Source: https://github.com/crutchy-/test/blob/master/weather.php

Available commands:

  • weather location
  • weather-add code location

note: weather-add code location will change the location of the code if the code has already been entered. Currently, codes cannot be deleted.

A few thousand ICAO and IATA/FAA airport codes have been imported into the codes file thanks to OpenFlights.

Usage examples

<crutchy> weather
<exec>   usage: "weather location" (visit http://wiki.soylentnews.org/wiki/IRC#weather for more info)
<exec>   data courtesy of the APRS Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) @ http://weather.gladstonefamily.net/
<exec>   by crutchy: https://github.com/crutchy-/test/blob/master/weather.php

<crutchy> weather JFK
<exec> Weather for Brooklyn, NY US at 2014-04-14 03:36:00 (UTC) ~ 0.8 hrs ago:
<exec>     temperature = 66°F (18.9°C)    dewpoint = 56.3°F (13.5°C)
<exec>     barometric pressure = 1017.3 mb ~ change of 0 mb over past 0.2 hrs    relative humdity = 71%
<exec>     wind speed = 1 mph (1.6 km/h)    wind direction = 336°

<kobach> weather vostok, aq
<exec> Weather for Vostok Station (RUS), -, Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S) at 2014-04-14 12:00:00 (UTC) ~ 0.8 hrs ago:
<exec>     temperature = -83.7°F (-64.3°C)    dewpoint = -90.9°F (-68.3°C)
<exec>     barometric pressure = 948.9 mb ~ change of 1.6 mb over past 6 hrs    relative humdity = 57%
<exec>     wind speed = 10 mph (16 km/h)    wind direction = 200°

<crutchy> weather-add crutchy melbourne australia
<exec> code "crutchy" set for location "melbourne australia"

<crutchy> weather crutchy
<exec> Weather for Melbourne Regional Office, VIC, Australia at 2014-04-14 11:00:00 (UTC) ~ 0.8 hrs ago:
<exec>     temperature = 60.4°F (15.8°C)    dewpoint = 50.2°F (10.1°C)
<exec>     barometric pressure = 1023.5 mb ~ change of -1.4 mb over past 3 hrs    relative humdity = 68%
<exec>     wind speed = (no data)    wind direction = 0°