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Developer(s): crutchy
Developer(s): [[User:Crutchy|crutchy]]
Source: https://github.com/crutchy-/test/blob/master/weather.php
Source: https://github.com/crutchy-/test/blob/master/weather.php

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Contact chat@soylentnews.org if you are interested in working on one of these projects. Also, the IRC Page has information about getting started with IRC.

Who we are

IRC Team Main Page




xlefay Team leader UTC+2 (CEST)
Kobach Chief Bacon Officer UTC-5 (us/central)
MrBluze Member UTC+10 (AEST)
Landon Member  ?
FunPika Member  ?

Current Projects

Chat bot (Python)

  • ELIZA module that uses Futurama personalities (to match the bot's current nick)
  • Modify bot logging to match existing formats (mIRC preferably)

Services (C)

  • Single sign on against the website (coordinate with NCommander)
  • Get the web IRC to use the website's sessions to sign in


  • Quick-Start/How-to guide for staff members (.op .topic nickserv commands etc.)


  • servers
  • bots


Official channels

#soylent (general chat, mostly family-friendly)

#staff (anyone welcome to join but only messages from voiced users will appear)



#help (irc help)


#test (mainly for bot testing)

Private establishments (unofficial)

## (kobach)

#derp (Subsentient)


There are a few bots lurking in the Soylent IRC channels besides the services mentioned above.

Anyone wishing to develop bots should use #test for testing.

Please avoid flooding in official channels (except #test) and private establishments.


Developer(s): FoobarBazbot

lurks in #soylent, ##, etc


nick: s/old/new/

weatherbot location



Developer(s): Subsentient

lurks in ##, #derp, etc

$sr text # echoes "txet" (reverse of text)




Developer(s): crutchy

Source: https://github.com/crutchy-/test/blob/master/weather.php

lurks in #soylent, ## and #test

weather location
weather-add code location

A few thousand ICAO and IATA/FAA airport codes have been imported into the codes file thanks to http://openflights.org/data.html