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In this tutorial/write up I'll be giving you a simple introduction into IRC, if IRC itself is unknown to you please read up about it [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IRC here].
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== IRC Clients ==
First, you'll need to select an IRC client if you haven't already. You can use our own "web chat" which is available [http://chat.soylentnews.org/ visit 'iris' here] or you can use Mibbit, IRCCloud or another client which you'll have to install on your computer, here's a short list of clients that are compatible with multiple Operating Systems, I've left out links since they may get outdated.
* X-Chat (on Windows, you might wish to use HexChat, which is basically X-Chat);
* irssi
* kvirc
* quassel
* chatzilla (firefox extension)
If you're not using a web based client (e.g. mibbit, irccloud or our own iris) you'll need to configure your client. When you first start the client, it'll often show you a dialog in which you can set your nickname, username and real name (you can also fill in something random, if you prefer) and you'll be asked to select a server to connect to.
For the moment, SoylentNews IRC isn't in the default list, so you'll have to add it. Here is the information you can use:
Network name: SoylentNews IRC
Server: irc.soylentnews.org
Port: 6667 (without SSL) and 6697 (with SSL, be sure to tick the correct field)
When you first connect to our server, you might wish to join a channel, you can do so by entering: /join #soylent [channels are prefixed with a hash mark (#)].
You can find a list of channels by entering: /list

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