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(This is a subpage of Feature list, you can go back to see other features planned.)

  • To have funds for all that, we could use (check also Finances):
    • That tipping system (mentioned above in moderation), and everytime you tip someone else a very tiny fraction of that tip goes to altslashdot.
    • Also payments from people desperate to post in thread (or story) where they have moderated (if we decide that this feature is useful, and if it is thread or whole story).
    • Failed submitters, who had to give back their reward plus some extra fraction because their story was hated after it was submitted (think Roland Piquepaille) as mentioned above.
    • Also we can simply hope for money from cryptocoin donations address. IMHO that is quite possible if we make this site good.
    • We might consider paying subscribers using cryptocoin.
    • Make a "featured product/serivce -> ask for review" section that charges for having a product reviewed