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This page has been created for RSS/Atom feeds to be output to, and users can develop summaries for promising article submissions.

Feel free to edit this page and develop article submissions (you get karma for an accepted article submission), but you must login to the wiki to edit.

Maybe put an asterisk next to the title of any sections that have had any work done on them, so other users can see at a glance which ones are active.

If you submit a summary from here, please delete the corresponding section. If there are sections that wouldn't make for good submissions or haven't been touched for a few days, feel free to delete. Don't delete other people's workings though.

Eventually sections that haven't been touched will be automatically deleted after X days.

Hop onto IRC (http://chat.soylentnews.org/) for discussion and further developments.

Feed sources may be edited here.

Feeds are polled every 30 minutes.

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