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This site is made possible by (and for) the insightful community of users. This team supports that community in various, ever-changing ways.

There are many ways to participate in this project. Of course, submitting stories or commenting on them is the most obvious way to get involved. You can also submit ideas for new projects in Suggestions, or bugs and "feature requests" on the bug tracker on github.

If you'd like to get more closely involved by working with a team, you should contact them directly. Start at the WhosWho or Team Pages. For example the Development Team can always use perl experience, and the Editors team are looking to expand their time zone coverage. If you have any questions or are not sure where to start you can send an email to

Who we are

Community Support Team Main Page




mrcoolbp Leader UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
xlefay Member UTC+2 (CEST)


This team:

  • Answers support and contact emails
  • Tracks and logs bugs and feature requests
  • Helps write static pages
  • Maintains the wiki and keeps general information up-to-date
  • Tracks volunteers and staff
  • Collects Suggestions

Goals for the future:

  • Utilize community feedback selecting suggestions for implementation
  • Investigate staff and community Communication Systems


Dependencies for this group include:

  • SN Mailboxes and forwards:
    • admin@SN
    • suggestions@SN
    • social-media@SN
    • mail is hosted on beryllium
  • IRC Bot
    • !suggestion (currently de-activated)


  • Propose Vote on Staff Communication System
  • Organize regular staff meetings (bi-weekly?)
  • New (final) Name Vote (mrcoolbp, audioguy, MrBluze)

  • Migrate mailing list addresses to new addresses
  • Develop process for becoming staff (get email, get on mailing list, privileges, orientation booklet, etc.)
  • Get email and IRC "!suggestions" piped directly to wiki)
  • Contact CmdrTaco via twitter?