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'''Community Polling:'''
'''Community Polling:'''
*[http://www.debian.org/vote/ devotee]
*proprietary email voting system: [[PollingVotingNotesAudioguy|Audioguy's Notes on his system]]
*[http://www.electoralreform.co.uk/ Electoral Reform Services] "is the UK's leading independent supplier of ballot and election services"
*archived ideas: [[Communication:Voting]]
*[https://www.surveymonkey.com/ SurveyMonkey] (3rd party)
*slaschcode pollbooth rework (tie in with devotee?)

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Communication is essential to this project. Developing and implementing unique, modern methods will dramatically further our goals. Below are some ideas on this topic. Feel free to comment on the [discussion page].

Community Discussion:

  • story submissions on main site inviting discussion on an issue
  • Consider.it is a powerful system for discussion on specific issues examaming pros and cons (try a Demo) (drag and drop "pros" and "cons" into your "opinion")
    • (uses JavaScript, but they are looking for organizations to pilot with)

Community Polling:

Staff Communication: